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Gene Ross reports:

According to Wankus, the Show which starts this Friday will be titled, Pinky and The Geek. Pink said she was very excited to be having a program and Wankus noted that she had been on the air “at one of those little places out there” not mentioning PrimeTimeUncensored by name.

“I liked them- they’ve very nice,” said Pink. “This was just for me a better opportunity.”

“Of course you want to go to a place that really knows what’s going on,” mused Wankus. “And how was working with that I think they have a program director [Tony Batman] over there?

Tyler Faith, who was co-hosting The Wanker show, then jumped in to say that reminded her that someone scammed somebody out of some dough. But she wasn’t adding any details.

Asked if “that program director” taught her a lot of good things about radio, Pink said a few things.

“Like how to turn on the CD player?” suggested Wankus.

“I already knew how to do that,” Pink answered. Faith mentioned that Assassin Cash was a few doors down in that office complex and maybe Pink learned where they were. Pink said something about someone having a cage of rats.

Michael Fattorosi responds on XPT:

I wouldn’t make this a Wankus vs. Pornlaw situation. KSEX is KSEX. PrimeTimeUncensored is different. Yes we have some pornstars and porn stuff on “our little channel that no one watches.” (By the way, we have almost 1/2 the traffic in 3 months that KSEX has and they been around for 5 years. We have an Alexa ranking in the US of 71,000 compared to KSEX’s US Alexa ranking of 103,000. 80% of our traffic comes from the US compared to 20% for KSEX.) Lastly, we are a free video feed compared to KSEX’s free audio feed. But that’s where the similarities end.We try to be more mainstream. We do have some mainstream hosts — Gary Garver – 16 years with Stern. KC Armstrong another Stern player. Adam Hunter – solid comedian and Johnny Fratto not to mention James Bartholet and Chris Strait who does a boxing/UFC show. Granted we do have pornstars and industry news/gossip but we are not trying to be KSEX. In the next few weeks we will be ramping up to 3 shows a night and Saturday night special broadcasts.

Last night we had Jackie Hatten, Anna Nicole Smith’s best friend on and tonight Johnny Fratto had on the former Miss Teen USA that lost her crown over some pics she took. We had on comedians from Last Comic Standing and Jay Leno.

I wish KSEX luck. I have nothing against Wankus or KSEX. He might be feeling a little pressure but I don’t see KSEX as our competition.

With us in the game I actually believe that KSEX will garner more listeners and hopefully improve. The more choices that consumers have the better the product and the better the product the more consumers will enter the market. Simple economics.

To expect consumers to watch/listen to one channel is myopic. Who watches just Fox or ABC or just NBC. I imagine that people will listen to KSEX for certain topics and watch PrimeTime for others.

KSEX isnt going anywhere and neither are we.

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