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Kurt Lockwood Banned On ADT

Lockwood posts on XPT: “First I get threads locked here, then there and now they “deactivate” me. I’m causing quite a stir!. Fucking hypocrites. All I’m doing is giving back what I’ve been given FOR YEARS and they can’t fuckin’ take it. But they’ll let ALANA THREATEN ME over there but they don’t “deactivate her.” They let Conky post multiple “Anyone Dislike Kurt Lockwood threads” but they never deactivate him. I DEFEND myself and I get deactivated. If porn boards are gonna shut out the very porn stars they are gossiping about then what is the point besides a self-congratulatory circle jerk of haters, losers and wannabe, think-they-know-it-all fanboys. Isn’t there a saying, “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it?””

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