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Kurt Lockwood Bids Industry Farewell

Peter Warren reports for AVN:

“F. Scott Fitzgerald said that there are no third acts in American lives,” he began. “My first act in my life was growing up, graduating college, touring as a guitar player for Dee Dee Ramone. Second act was becoming, for lack of a better term, a world-famous porn star. The third act? I’d like to have a third act.”

Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American life.

Sargeant “Oscar” Stendanko ripostes:

Will somebody please point out not merely the hilarity of how Kurt Lockwood deciding to take a two-month vacation warrants an lead article, but even better, the hapless, tramp-stamped doofus’s persistent reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s supposed remark that there is no “third act” in American lives in order to map out his own imagined career arc, when in fact neither he nor evidently boy genius Peter Warren are aware the well-known quote is that there are “no second acts in American lives.” In other words, Kurt, you’re already playing on overtime.

But then again, Kurt imagines his life mirrors the story arc of Dirk Diggler, a fictional anti-hero created to reflect the real-life downfall & debasement of a deluded, drug-addicted, & not very otherwise-talented owner of a famous penis. & considers any passing similarity a dream come true worthy of high-fives & too-ardent butt squeezes. Not neccesarily the sort to look to for accurately quoted literary bon mots. To say the least.

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