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Kurt Lockwood Knocked Up Alana Evans On Set

Alana responds on XPT to this Gene Ross story:

this incident occured in October of 2005. I was scheduled to film my first boy-girl scene with the new boobies. The scene was supposed to be a boy-girl-anal. I requested Kurt as my talent because we used to have a closer than normal relationship. Part of the deal with SMASH was that I would sign at AEE 2006 to promote the film.

One week before filming, I came down with severe food poisoning from an affluent sushi restaurant in Malibu. I had eat two full cycles of Cipro before I felt better. Because Of the stomach issues, I had to cancel the anal portion of the scene.

We shot the scene… shit happened.

I was on presciption birth control pills but unfortunately the antibiotics cancelled them out.

To suggested an adult film star should be sterilized is disgusting! Shame on you! This is the first time in my 9 years of porn that I have ever had this happen! I shared a very difficult and private moment in my life…

Kurt has often said crazy things to girls… I’m not the fist or the last. But hopefully it wont happen to another girl. While the scene suggests a creampie… lets be real… where is it? Kurt couldnt pop during the hardcore which we filmed first! He came in during the softcore… I knew and immediately douched… desperate to rinse away an swimmers… probably helped them along. Oh well…

But I learned one huge thing… thank god for a womans right to choose… because I wasn’t going to make the choice of having a porno baby…
I have never in life had an abortion…it was the hardest but easiest thing… Kurt didn’t know… I didn’t give him the chance to argue.

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