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Kurt Lockwood Leaves XPT In Shame?

Houston Don posts on XPT:

Since Kurt took such a personal interest in me, I’ll make a few comments:

1) Kurt came to XPT with a chip on his shoulder and virtually everyone he attacked handed his head as a result of his attacks. Anyone that was a “hater” became one thanks to Kurt’s own rampages, some of them dating back years and based on his suppositions more than anything else.

2) If you want to be left alone, don’t attack people with nonsensical attacks; especially when you were the one posting hundreds of times in a week, far more than anyone else. Had a generic performer joined XPT and made comments about the industry, he’d be smacked around a little and then after laughing it all off; he’d be one of the group. It’s a rite of passage and face it, anyone making such bold, untrue statements such as Kurt did so frequently will always be attacked. Considering your last rant went on for about 2300 words, and it was one of many, it was always clear who was the obsessed one in these exchanges. Few wanted you dead either as you provided too much entertainment value, get over it already!

3) Kurt, I had no problems with you until you attacked me last year. The email exchange included numerous threats of bodily violence directed my way (with a gun) simply because you thought I was Bornyo. I saved them and offered a bunch of ways you could verify my identity but you refused to listen. So if you think I’m a “hater”, consider that you manufactured any contempt I had for you, not the other way around. I’ve become acquainted with a lot of people in the industry and even when we disagreed on something, we generally kept it civil, as adults have been known to do.

4) I wasn’t keen on the couple of posts you made being edited by a mod but that was out of nearly 400 in the space of a week and it was pointed out to me that they were cut and paste jobs so no big loss. You couldn’t take the heat at ADT or XPT but thanks to your track record as a loser, none of the major websites picked up your tired rants (Luke did so in an amazingly light fashion, so any attention you think you got was all in your head).

5) I’d rather they leave your posts alone since they prove exactly what so many say about you. What better way to point and laugh as to give your own posts the attention they deserve?

6) Trish is worth a thousand of you and if Bo wants to piss away money financing another movie of yours, that’s his business. I got my information from the best source on Earth regarding your movie not having the green light yet and it was backed up by another incredibly well informed source that the proposed budget was a fantasy as well. Make the movie or don’t but your claims that you had lined up three other companies to finance it speak far better than I would as to the fantasy you projected on that one.

7) Just as I don’t praise my mailman for handling 1500 letters in a given week, neither do you deserve any praise based on numbers alone. Others here make more than you, are more attractive, and don’t need to have companies pay your fellow performers to have sex with you but enjoy Spain and your career change. Your LOTR analogy was close though; only you are the obsessed Gollum and can’t realize it because of your warped mind. Live life, be happy, and get some help since there are now meds you can take that won’t effect your performance enhancers…

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