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Kylie is TIRED of “The 8th Day”

Kylie Ireland writes an essay on Aug 15th on her myspace blog, here is a paragraph of it


“…Above I listed angry, tired, frustrated and sad.  Frustrated; see above paragraphs.  The 8th Day is making me hate what I love.  Sure a lot of this emotion is brought on by the sleep deprivation, dehydration, physical labor and so on.  I have cried at least twice a day on this movie.  And I am not the only one.  Men and women on this movie alike are breaking, cracking…each in their own way.  What does not kill us now…will kill us later.  On Upload the show motto was “No one here gets out alive”, on The 8th Day we have been saying “The only way out is through.”  No one should be expected to or have to do what we are attempting to do with this movie, trying to bring it in at less than half what the budget should be.  Will the movie ever end?  We have already pushed back and rescheduled nearly half the days.  As of right now we might be wrapping by the end of September due to varying schedule conflicts.  Overworked, underpaid and underappreciated.  Is there anything more frustrating?…”

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