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LA Direct Models Says Thank You

From LADM (L.A. Direct Models)
To all Adult Industry performers who have been effected, harmed and/or caused any distress by the Porn Wiki Leaks site – Porn Wiki Leaks has been shut down and many thanks are in order. The horrendous website that breached the confidentiality of so many individuals and hacked the AIUM database appears to have been shut down. Due to the great efforts of many individuals who have worked diligently to search out the truth behind this offensive and extremely damaging web site, we are pleased to hear that the site is now down and hopefully down for good. We want to give special thanks to Mike South, Mark Spiegler, Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tomkins as well as many others for continuing to chase and search until they flushed out the individuals behind the Porn Wiki Leaks site.
Many knew of the long time involvement by the failed porn performer Donal Carlos Seone aka ‘Donny Long’ in this site and this is now completely verified but what has most recently come to light also is the involvement of the self proclaimed, Attorney to the Porn Performers, Michael Fattorosi, along with Michael Tierney A.K.A. “Joe Blow” with the Porn Wiki Leaks site which is evidenced on and It appears clear that Attorney Fattorosi did indeed have the pull to help either include or exclude certain individual as he sought fit, albeit under the email of a female performer. It will be truly interesting to see the course of action that will be taken with regard to these individuals alleged involvement in the Porn Wiki Leaks site. Again, a huge thanks to all involved in the hopefully Permanent closure of this website.

Sincerely, LADM

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