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LA Times’ Sledge Hammer Story, Lots Missing

NL- LA Times releases a filtered version of the events (below), with so much missing. LAPD will not say much as it’s an active investigation. How about the truth? Well I think we have that in Alexa’s story (one story down). But what about what happened for the two hours Sledge was with the Police? We have no idea what happened during that time… Except he was tazed.

IF you are a news agency, radio, paper, etc.. and would like to be put in touch with Sledge’s girlfriend, email me and I will forward it to her. We want the true version of this story to get out. cindi at lukeisback dot com


Southern California — this just in

Porn actor dead after clash with LAPD officers

The incident began Sunday when authorities responded to a call of an attempted suicide in the Reseda area. When paramedics and officers arrived they found Marland Anderson, known as Sledge Hammer on screen, with his girlfriend. Anderson had suffered a knife injury, said Lt. Andrew Neiman.

The girlfriend told officers Anderson tried to hurt himself with the knife and she pried it away from him, Neiman said.

He was then handcuffed to a gurney by police for transportation in an ambulance. Once inside the ambulance, Neiman said, Anderson tried to stand up, but acted with such force that he broke the gurney free from a floor lock and broke the handcuff.

To restrain Anderson, an officer then used a Taser but it failed to stop the agitated actor, Neiman said. Several officers eventually managed to restrain Anderson, Neiman said. He was taken to a hospital, where he died Friday morning, Neiman said.

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