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LA to Ban Medical Marijuana Stores…

NL- They don’t want porn around. They don’t want pot around. Maybe they should just close LA County to everyone but those who are right wing religious nuts who vote for the Tea Party candidates. Geezus, what has happened to “HIP” L.A.?

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Medical marijuana patients in Los Angeles will have to rush to dispensaries if they want to stock up on marijuana products.

The LA City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban all dispensaries, although patients and caretakers still can grow
marijuana at home. When the vote was tallied after a full day of deliberation and public comment, a few members of the public stood up and shouted angrily at the city council, as police stood protectively in front of members.

Spokeswoman for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Vicki Curry, told The Huffington Post that the mayor supports the ban and will sign it into law sometime next week. It goes into effect 30 days from when it is signed, which means by September, according to the city attorney’s figures, 762 registered dispensaries and a couple hundred more unregistered facilities will be forced to close.

During the debate that preceded the vote, he said that because regulation hasn’t worked, the city should ban all dispensaries until the state Supreme Court clarifies the legality of the shops. “We failed to [regulate] for the past five years. No matter what we try to do … to regulate it going forward… we will fail again,” Huizar said. “The best course of action is … allowing three people or less to collectively cultivate marijuana — that’s what’s allowed under state law.”

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