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Ladies, It’s Time to Get Your Groove On!

Is unsightly camel toe getting you down? Yeah, we hear you —and so does Susan Laurie.

Camel Toe Solution

The name ‘Taco Tamer’ was rejected, deemed unsavory.

Laurie is the creator of the SmoothGroove, a tiny apparatus used to banish one of the most unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions to plague woman-kind since the g-string became ‘acceptable’ underwear. The inventor created this little wonder when she (fortunately) crossed paths with a floor length mirror on her way out of the house. That’s close call for sure!

According to the product website, this tiny wonder is made from medical grade polymer which actually molds to fit your unique shape and (in concert with your pants) helps to keep it in place. There is only one model, but it claims to fit all shapes, ages, and sizes. Whatever that means. Plus, it comes in THREE different colors: Black, White, and Clear and should you order all three, shipping is FREE!

Smooth Groove Before and After

When your regular underpants just won’t tame those mounds, this solution is perfect, though it is definitely more a confidence thing for the ladies.

…because I know the guys of don’t seem to mind.  There’s so much love for them that we have a whole channel of videos devoted to its devotees and you can watch them all right now.

Camel Toe Support

Levi’s got his own support system

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