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I interview the Canadian webmistress ( via email:

* What do you love and hate about your work?

I love the freedom of being able to do my work anywhere I want and being my own boss. I also love the instant feedback – if the surfers like something on the site, I know within minutes usually.

What I hate about it is a bit harder to express. I sometimes hate how I have to depict women as just their body parts (tits).

It’s one of the reasons I began doing my biographies, to show the whole person with their warts and all. When I first started doing this I would look at women on the streets and just see their tits and dollar signs. It’s been seven years now and I still see that sometimes – I don’t like that.

* Does it inspire or depress you?
Ha, depends on the day. When I’m feeling down on myself and am looking at pictures of these perfect juggs all day it can really wear me down.

Most days I do look forward to turning on the lap top and seeing what’s on my forum, what’s new in the mail, what’s happening on myspace. It’s always changing and interesting.

* How has the proliferation of free porn and other changes in the industry affected you?

Honestly I just keep my head down and do my work. I don’t surf porn personally and I’m not too interested in what other free sites are doing. I don’t know if there is more or less free porn from when I started in 2001. Selling is a bit harder but that’s because the surfers are more sophisticated.

The changes in the industry haven’t effected me much at all. Ibill shutting down hurt for awhile and the 2257 hasn’t changed anything I have done. I’m Canadian so feel a bit removed from that all.

* What do your friends (outside the industry) say to you about your work?

When my mom first found out I was pushing porn she would constantly accuse me of spamming her email with porn sites. She thought I was some sort of kingpin that controlled all internet porn. It took awhile to finally convince her I am not interested in sending her naked pictures.

My friends just generally get really quiet about it all. I’m sure it was scandalous gossip at first. It just seems pretty uncomfortable when talking to them about ‘my work’ (that’s what we call it).

But truth is, we don’t talk about their work much either and it would be weird asking them how their office crap is going. I know they secretly want to know it all though. I think they like the scandal.

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