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La’Rin Lane Responds

She writes in:

This is my final response to GenXxx reply & lies….

I am with Shy Love’s agency (ATM) & she is representing us to the fullest. GenXxx did ‘NOTHING’ for us in 2 months of being with them. It wasn’t until after two months that went by that GenXxx offered lowball rates to me which were not even close to industry standards. It was then that we decided it was time to move on. Let’s see here…..If GenXxx were offering me legite/reasonable bookings then why would I turn down these great business opportunities & money? I wouldn’t! The facts are that I was ‘NEVER’ offered bookings within reasonable rates. It wasn’t until after two months of not being booked that I got offered these lowball bookings. It was then, after two months going by that I was offered two B/G internet rates at $400 a piece & one scene with Jewel De’Nyle including a solo scene for $600 dollars. Way below industry standards rates. As far as the feature I was going to be in….the funder pulled out of the movie. Their is no feature movie at this time.

We made amends with Shy Love & everything has been great since. I have been back to work like normal, rockin out my scenes, something that GenXxx failed to produce. Our contracts were still valid with Shy Love, which means the contract that we recently received 2 1/2 months later with GenXxx was never valid to begin. Besides GenXxx breached their non valid contracts themselves by not producing any reasonable bookings as stated in my previous posting. They made promise after promise w/o being able to fulfill any of those promises. Blowing smoke??? We were simply running out of money while GenXxx new agency were going through their growing pains. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to wait around while GenXxx gets their new agency going. They are in process of suing us for breach of contract. Once again….what we breached……….we have no idea? It’s quite simple….GenXxx are trying to get something for nothing. I challenge GenXxx to show that we have been booked by them (before we decided to leave GenXxx) within reasonable industry standards rates. I really have nothing further to say on this matter. Please feel free to book me through (Shy Love). I can also be contacted on Thank you!

Kind Regards….
La’Rin Lane

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