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Larry Flynt already suing nephews, Now Suing Brother Jimmy too.


NL-Think this new lawsuit has something to do with Jimmy’s sons starting their own company using the Flynt name? Larry is suing them also. (read about that here) Can you blame him? Seems like Larry worked his ass off and fought the fight to get where he is, and his “wonderful” family now want to make money off of him. Do they deserve a piece of the Flynt empire? IMHO- Jimmy? I really don’t know. The nephews? Definitely not.


CINCINNATI — The brother of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt is accusing his famous sibling of trying to force him out of the family’s pornography business.
Larry Flynt owns a building in downtown Cincinnati where his brother operates a Hustler retail store.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in Ohio, Jimmy Flynt says his brother wants to evict him in retaliation for refusing to give a loan to Larry Flynt Productions. Larry Flynt contends his brother is behind in rent.

Jimmy Flynt says the eviction notice is also an attempt by Larry Flynt to get leverage in a separate trademark lawsuit in California.
In that case, Larry Flynt has sued his brother’s two sons for selling their own line of adult movies under the family name.

Jimmy Flynt is asking a judge to stop the eviction.

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