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Larry Flynt Doesn’t need to Bluff

Mogul.  First Amendment Crusader.  Agitator.  Those and, yes, many other words have been used to describe Larry Flynt.  Those in the gambling world also know him as an international poker threat.  Flynt has played in or sponsored prestigious tournaments including the World Series of Poker, the Grand Slam of Poker and the Poker Challenge Cup.  He loves the game so much he owns his own casino.
Now in the March issue of his flagship magazine, the HUSTLER publisher and renowned “whale” talks about his love of the game and his keen eye for cheaters.
“My favorite poker experiences are when most people can’t afford the game, so I can intimidate them,” Flynt says, “I can make them lay down really good hands because they’re scared to lose that much money.  There’s an old saying: ‘A jealous hand can’t love and scared money can’t win.’  I usually pull off some good wins because I never go into poker jealous or scared.”
But for every good hand there’s always the chance a cheat will try to wreck the game. “I’ve caught people looking at my cards and just tell them that they’re at the wrong place if they think they can get away with that,” Flynt warns, “If they get caught they’re gone.”
The greatest cheats he’s ever foiled and his perfect game: The Larry Flynt interview in the March issue of HUSTLER magazine on sale now.

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