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Larry Flynt-Freedom Fighter slammed by BW and I’m Pissed

I am a huge supporter of Larry Flynt. I admire what he has done for the adult industry. I consider him a hero in the fight for freedom of speech. I don’t think there is ANYone who has given up more for the cause (including his physical health, millions of dollars, and the mental stress of many trials and investigations) then he has. And while he may not be perfect ( are you?), his status as an icon of first amendment rights is well deserved.

So when someone trashes Larry it really pisses me off. And when that someone (lets call him Burnt Whine or BW for short) who is trashing Larry is doing it more for his own publicity, and to see his name on the adult websites, and blow up his already over inflated ego, then to actually have anything except controversial bullshit to say, that pisses me off even more.

I didn’t say anything when BW’s blog first came out, because I didn’t want to play into his bullshit of getting his name out. When one friend of mine, Jeff Mullen answered back defending Larry, BW then attacked Jeff. So after days have passed and I have said nothing, this is still bothering me. After talking to Jeff and several other friends who have said they would like me to put up BW’s blog up so they can have their say, I have decided to go ahead and do it.

PLEASE comment on it. And if you want to write more then a comment, you want to write a post about it, e-mail it to me and I’ll put it up.  Thank you.

BW’s blog is below this one. Because I wanted you to read this note first.


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