Leah Winters’ Twitter Account Posts Disgusting Video Of Her Having Sex In Front Of Her Kid UPDATED

Late Saturday or early Sunday a completely disgusting video was posted from the Twitter account of Leah Winters from Foxxx Modeling. I’ve blurred the screenshot for obvious reasons. The guy in the video is NOT Rob Piper, Leah (or whoever had access to her account) was just trying to brag to Rob, in one of the absolute worst ways possible.

leah winters

The guy in the video is allegedly Jack Rippher of Hussie. Shocking that a guy with Hussie would be an absolute piece of shit. I’ve been told the Leah has not had control of any of her social media, Twitter, OnlyFans, etc. having been locked out a few days ago by Jack. Jack has been deleting mentions of Leah off his Twitter account.

Leah’s Twitter was then deleted.leah winters

Rob just commented:

rob piper

I’m told Leah is going to the police about Jack Rippher. More to come…

Update 1: Hussie says they have released Jack Rippher and cancelled all his shoots. As of update time, Jack is still on Hussie’s site.

hussie models

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