LEAKED: Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn Nude!

Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn Nude

What a glorious way start to the week—more leaked cell phone pics! This time, the leaked photos are of Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Olivia Munn (Attack of the Show). Both of them are stating that the pics of them scantily clad are definitely real, but deny that the nude photos are legitimate. I highly doubt these are fakes. I’d actually bet money on it.

I’ve been waiting years for photos of Christina Hendricks topless to hit the web, and that’s no lie. Christina has a tendency to flaunt her body… namely her chest. I mean, she probably can’t really hide her bosom, but still… Cocktease? Not anymore! Here are the leaked photos for you to enjoy! Although she’s not actually “topless” as there is fabric holstering the edges of her breasts, her nipples are visible, and that’s what we all really wanted anyway, isn’t it?! Click to enlarge!

Leaked - Christina Hendricks in corsetLeaked - Christina Hendricks without makeupLeaked - Christina Hendricks revealing bustChristina Hendricks' seduction methodLeaked - Christina Hendricks nipples

I know Olivia Munn best from hosting Attack of the Show on G4, and she’s always been any nerd’s wet dream. She’s appeared nude a number of times for magazines… but the naughty bits have always been concealed… until now!

Leaked - Olivia Munn with creamLeaked - Olivia Munn in braOlivia Munn ToplessOlivia Munn in pinkOlivia Munn seductionLeaked - Olivia Munn Topless

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