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Learning to Let Go

Holly Randall writes for XBiz:

Barely 22 and having only just been in the adult industry for less than two years, I was full of hopes and expectations. I was naïve, inexperienced and intimated by everyone around me. But since I was born to a mother named Suze Randall, I was immediately ushered in the back door to the private rooms of the “in” crowd of porn. I felt unworthy, and people only remembered me when I told them who my mother was.

But then the manifestation of my dreams of power and fame showed up in the form of an older man. Proud and arrogant, he carried a business card that named him as CEO of one of the biggest and most-respected adult companies. He soon became my boyfriend: someone who I was sure would carry me to the cusp of success, so that I would be worthy of carrying the name Randall. Together I dreamed we would become the power couple of porn.

I had never dated an older man before, and everything about that age difference was so exciting to me. Though he had almost exactly 11 ½ years on me, I rounded it up to 12 because that sounded so much better. This guy was a man — someone who stood next to my father and didn’t look like a meek little boy.

Fred writes: “You might want to ask Holly this. She now realizes the guy she dated was simply egotistical, etc. Query: If he was not egotistical, would she have fallen for him?”

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