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Lee Garland Memorialized

We wanted to personally extend the invitation to you, Cindi  and anyone that you know that loves him.
Also, feel free to look at his website, there are some fun pictures of him there, and we are looking to add more from everyone who knew and loved him. You can visit and please send pictures to [email protected]
Love and Light,
September and Kirsten

NL-Lee was a wonderful, warm, caring, fun person. Briana Banks introduced me to him when they were working on a project together. I talked to him on the phone and over email. He was funny and endearing, and he treated me like an old friend from the minute I met him. It’s very sad to say that he is no longer with us.

He also did the most amazing make-up, whether it was making a pornstar look her best or changing her into an alien creature.  Lee was an artist. He was the best at his craft. Just take a look at Hustler’s Avatar parody, that’s one of his many projects. It hurts to keep saying “was”. Lee will live on in the hearts and minds of all of his many friends. Please feel free to leave your thoughts of him here. 

(this is one story where only positives will be posted in comments)


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