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Legal Brothel Reveals ‘Significant Impact’ Game of Thrones has on Sex Work Industry

Management and sex workers at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada, are reporting that the HBO original series Game of Thrones has had a considerable and positive impact on the brothel’s business since the adult-themed fantasy program first aired and gained incredible popularity in 2011.

Dena, the madam of Sheri’s Ranch, believes that one of the primary reasons Game of Thrones contributed to the Nevada brothel’s increasing success over the years is because the program had a bordello owner, Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, as one of the show’s pivotal characters, and his brothels were often set pieces for the show’s political intrigue and sexually explicit encounters.

“It’s the most successful television program of its age and it features a brothel as one of its primary settings, particularly in the earlier seasons on the show,” Dena said. “To have a brothel so prominently featured in a pop culture hit was a godsend for us.”

“We noticed in late 2011 that searches to our website for terms like ‘brothel’ began to increase significantly, and there was no way to account for the prominence of the term other than its relation to Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones inadvertently assisted in promoting legal brothels like Sheri’s Ranch not only by having Littlefinger’s brothels as settings for the action, but also by showcasing some of the hottest couplings, threesomes and orgies ever depicted onscreen. Watching the show was sometimes like an advertisement for brothels. You watch the brothel scenes in Game of Thrones and you say ‘I want to go to a sexy place like that and do those sexy things with sexy people.’,” Dena said.

Sex workers at Sheri’s say that having a fantasy story that was so replete with sex and sexuality empowered clients and fans of the show to explore their Game of Thrones fantasies with legal prostitutes.

“Game of Thrones is a fantasy for adults, and adults often like to live out their fantasies and explore their kinks and fetishes through role play. Without a doubt, Games of Thrones introduced the courtesans and clients of Sheri’s to a whole new realm of role play possibilities,” said Allissa, a sex worker at the brothel.

“While clients certainly do request sessions, particularly orgies, in which the ladies dress up as Game of Thrones characters — Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark of course being the most popular character requests — role play inquiries related to Game of Thrones more often entail a BDSM element,” Sky, another licensed courtesan at the brothel, revealed.

“Many Game of Thrones fans have made use of our BDSM room over the years,” Sky said. “Clients often enjoy playing a reluctantly submissive captive like Theon Greyjoy, chained and at the mercy of their seductive torturer. Luckily, here at Sheri’s, clients need not fear the loss of any important body parts, as it’s all in good fun and we always use a ‘safe word’ should our clients feel uncomfortable in any way.”

“Season five’s ‘Walk of Shame’ was tremendously popular with submissive clients. While we used to put dog collars on clients and walk them though the brothel’s bar to appease their humiliation fetish, Game of Thrones took humiliation to a whole new level,” Allissa said. “Since season five, we now have to be ready for erotic humiliation that involves parading our consenting client, in various stages of undress, around the entirety of our twenty-acre property for all of our guests to see.”

“The imaginative world of Game of Thrones will forever be a part of our shared culture and its impact on various industries, including the sex industry, cannot be overstated,” Dena said. “With this season marking the end of the series, it’s disheartening that soon we won’t have any new Game of Thrones related fetishes for our clients to discover and explore here at our real-life brothel.”

“We’re sorry to see it end.”

Sheri’s Ranch is located at 10551 Homestead Road, Pahrump, NV 89061. For more information about Sheri’s, visit the official website.

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