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Legal Sex Workers Praise Halsey for Singer’s Defense of Consensual, Regulated Sex Work

Sex workers from Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada, are praising Halsey for the popular singer’s vocal defense of consensual sex work this past weekend. The singer released a series of posts through her social media accounts saying “I support the industry of modern, regulated sex work; based on testimonies from people who take pride in that work in modern fields.”

Allissa, a sex worker at Sheri’s, believes that Halsey continues to be a voice of her generation and applauds the singer for her courage to speak boldly about controversial subjects.

“I’m a millennial and a sex worker, so it’s refreshing to see influential people my age defend my right to sell services in a legal, regulated, consensual setting like a Nevada brothel,” Allissa said.

“Halsey is a self-made woman that worked for everything she’s achieved. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has lived in the real world, where she witnessed sex work being practiced by young women that willingly chose the profession in order to put themselves through school, support their families, or finance their dreams,” Allissa said.

“The days of systematically labeling sex workers as ‘damaged people’ that are incapable of free will are over,” Allissa said. “Sex work is legitimate work when willingly practiced in a regulated setting, and the spokespeople of our generation aren’t going to let the old guard stereotype us anymore,” Allissa said.

When questioned about her pro-sex work stance on social media, the singer made it clear that she is against sex trafficking, but that sex trafficking is far too often conflated with non-coerced sex work. In a social media post, Halsey wrote “If you live in a place where sex work is widely considered unsafe, violent, or threatening, I can understand your rage at me for supporting sex work. But please understand the divide. And understand I mean regulated, legal, modern sex work.”

Roxanne Price, another millennial sex worker at Sheri’s, is thankful that Halsey did not back down from the discussion when she was confronted by fans that may be less educated on a complex topic like sex work.

“Because so many people are quick to believe the stereotype that no woman would willingly choose sex work as a profession, it’s crucial that my generation has allies that will stand up for us and not back down when the debate gets heated,” Price said.

“We need more influencers like Halsey to stand with us,” Price said. “These prominent new voices will turn the tide of public opinion when it comes to sex work, and hopefully drown out the old way of thinking with an honest, genuine, and fresh perspective on the ‘oldest profession’ – a perspective that will one day lead to the regulation of prostitution throughout the USA.”

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