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Leigh Raven Gets New Doo Just In Time For The Fake Urban X Awards

Professional victim Leigh Raven got her hair done for the Urban X Awards.

A far cry from her “I just came from the skin head awards”

LOL I’m joking, she’s not racist, she banged a black guy. Well she did falsely accused him of rape, but no one cares about that anymore, and why should they, she braided her hair for the Urban X.

Side note, why would the totally legit Urban X award show give an award nomination to a girl who falsely accused a BLACK MAN of rape? Am I the only Caucasian who sees the problem here? Do I need to go protest in front of James Bartholets apt?  How much cocaine would I have to buy James to get him to publicly admonish Leigh for her false rape claims?  A gram, an Oz, a Kilo?  Would I have to pay off his debt to the Cali Cartel?  Only James knows the answer to this.



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