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Lela Down- Cosplay Girl- Exclusive Interview


By Scooter McBooter

To say that chatting with Leia Down is an adventure would be a massive understatement.
Leia is a conundrum wrapped in a riddle with layers of mystery and intrigue, and then topped with heavy dollops of desire. Fittingly her ultra-popular website is
There is nothing ordinary about talking to Leia, and there’s certainly nothing ordinary about the way she presents herself. She began webcamming in 2010, but instead of simply being naked and getting viewers off, Leia specializes in morphing into characters. These characters – Catwoman and Harley Quinn being personal favorites amongst a lengthy list of choices – then lure her “cum buddies” in for perilous experiences that leap right off the pages of comic books and graphic novels.
Leia’s work has earned her a huge amount of admiration including nominations for Best Cam Model at the ALT Awards, and for Cyber Hustler (Webcam Girl of the Year) at the Exxxotica’s Fanny Awards. She was a big hit at both Adultcon and Wondercon, appearing as herself sans full costume yet maintaining the sinister allure by always keeping her face hidden behind a mask.
“The mask is never off,” said Leia, an all-natural wonder of Cuban descent.
“There is a girl behind the mask, but no one will ever know her. Every super-villain and hero has a true identity that is never revealed.”

Here’s a Q&A with sexy and funny Leia Down:
SM: Can you disclose where your lair is located?
LD: My lair is in Las Vegas. I just happened to wind up here. My mom moved here when I was 16 because she could make more money as a teacher, and that allowed me to go to pilot school. I was reborn here, too, so Vegas holds a special place in my evil little heart.

SM: Are you able to go out and about in Vegas and keep your identity a secret?
LD: I hit the Strip in character, in my mask and with my hair done. But it’s weird. I do get a little reaction, but not many men approach me. I think it’s because they think I’m intimidating. I guess that’s why I’m a super-villain. Of course, you can’t go into a casino with a mask on so I have to be pretty slick and sly.

SM: Do you have a particular spot on the Strip you like to sneak into … I mean, go to?
LD: My favorite is The Luxor. When I was younger I wanted to Egyptologist so that’s probably why.

SM: So is “The Mummy” your favorite movie then?
LD: I love “The Mummy” but my favorite move is “Back to the Future.”

SM: So what fellow super-villain would you like to take out on the town in Vegas?
LD: I would have a fricken blast with Mystique because we’d have a similar pursuit. Can you imagine us two reading all those men’s desires? But I don’t think we’d read their minds all night. I think we’d kidnap them and take advantage of them.

SM: Have you ever visited one of the European-style (topless) pools at a resort on the Strip?
LD: I haven’t because I can tan naked in my backyard. I love doing webcam shows while tanning naked. I don’t wear my mask but I have sunglasses on which is a different kind of allure, and some tanning oil, and some toys.

SM: Don’t your neighbors mind?
LD: (Laughs) Let me tell you a story. My viewers tip me with tokens and any time there’s a tip, the computer makes a bell noise. I usually try to tan when there’s fewer people around, but I forgot it was Easter Sunday. All weekend people kept hearing this bell noise. When the bell sounded, I could hear people trying to find out what’s going on. When there was no bell, everything was quiet. Then the bell went off again, and all of a sudden I heard the sound of a ladder being dragged on the pavement. Hey, if they want to try and get a free show, go for it. But I actually found it kind of fun and exciting – that chance of getting caught.

SM: Now that’s a show in Vegas worth seeing! What do you find attractive in men and women?
LD: Well first off I’m 100% straight. I think women have beautiful bodies, but personally I’ve never been into hooking up with a girl. I love cock – period. As far as men go, hygiene is attractive, Number 1. But someone who wears a lot of “old-man” cologne … mmmmmm … then I’m putty in your hands. Old, musky colognes.

SM: Any type of guy wearing old-school cologne?
LD: Every type! I like guys who are dorky, skinny, buff, pretty boys. And all scales on age range, too. My goal is to be a cougar so I’ve started going after the 18-to-20-year-olds. And I love older guys, too. It just depends on the day. With younger guys, I get to be more dominant. With older guys, they’re usually more dominant so I get to be more submissive.

SM: Help me with the term “morphing” which you use a lot when it comes to you as a super-villain and overall in cosplay?
LD: It’s about projecting what you feel. When you’re just being regular, you can only tell someone what you’re feeling. This way you can show what you’re feeling. Fans have noticed it with me, and I wasn’t even aware of it. They notice it with my masks. When I’m wearing a mask with sharp edges, I’m more of a dominant, horny whore. When it’s a circular mask, I’m more submissive and want someone to take advantage of me. I’m like “Treat me like a dirty cunt!”

SM: When you’re good and horny, what do you like doing the most?
LD: I love sucking cock. I don’t understand women who don’t do it. It’s so sexually pleasing to me. And I love being spanked. My favorite position is a cock in my mouth and my hand on my pussy.

SM: I know you enjoy anal, but under certain circumstances, correct?
LD: Yes, I do like anal, but it has to be with cock. No toys. My ass doesn’t like rubber inside it. A cock and a finger, yes, but no toys.

SM: Is there anything you’ve wanted to try and haven’t yet?
LD: I was tied up recently. I was captured and the man fucked me with a glass dildo. When I used a glass dildo on myself, I didn’t give me much pleasure. But when I was tied up and fucked with it, I loved it. I guess I’m open to anything. I’ve surprised myself sometimes, even to this day.

SM: How do you keep the surprises cumming, I mean, coming?
LD: I’ve done a lot of research on men. I’m a pleaser and I try to fulfill what men want. I learned a lot about fetishes. Like there’s a fetish to watch a woman wash her hair. The fetish about balloon popping, I don’t get that one. Foot fetish – feet don’t turn me on, but I enjoy doing it because it makes cocks hard.

SM: Because you’re a super-villain and enjoy being dominant, would you wear a strap-on?
LD: I’ve had a girl fuck me with a strap-on, but I’m not sure I’d ever venture into being the one wearing the strap-on. I like my man to have the only penis in the room.

SM: Instead of asking you ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ I’d rather put it this way … Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?
LD: I have my one cosplay website up but in 12 months I want my next website up. It’s called It’s everything with feet – tickling, smooshing food, other girls in the room – and all cosplay. And I want to have my comic book re-launched by the end of 2013 (check out her first two comics at I’ll also have my swag company up and running by the end of May – t-shirts, hats, and things. It’s all True Villain … because everyone has a little villain in them.

SM: How can your loyal and devoted fans, plus legions of new ones, reach out to you?
LD: I advise everyone to follow me on Twitter: @LeiaDown and on my Facebook page And for sure check me out at
Leia recently set up some new games for her webcamming with fans– Leia’s Hit List and Cumbusters. Log on to her page at to find out more details and how many tokens each game costs. 

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