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Lela Star Vs. Teagen

LelaStar writes on ADT: “Well its not wicked, DP, or vivid. Ima smart girl. And no matter what u put in front of me nothing is holding me bak from devouring cock. Ive even discussed one of my movies will have 4 guys and me and a blow bang. This is y they wanted me. Its a whole new look for this company there not trying to turn me into a teagan doll lol. You guys will love it!”

Teagen Presley responds (though it reads like it was written by by Digital’s publicist Adella as there are no glaring spelling and punctuation mistakes):

First of all, I’m taking your statement very much as an insult. And I don’t appreciate you insinuating that if you are contracted through Digital Playground and other companies that you’re not smart. Secondly, it’s very rude of you to make that statement considering the fact that I didn’t even know who you were. I had to look you up on the internet to find out who you were. Digital Playground has not made me into their little doll. You don’t know anything about me or my career in this business. Lastly, I’d like to ask you to please keep my name out of your conversations & postings. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

It’s not necessarily that girls change when they get a contract, it’s just that they go from shooting alot of gonzo style movies that their fans only know them for to features. And they usually tend to get upset. I’ve already attracted the gonzo, raincoater demographic, and with signing a contract it allows me to reach out to a different demographic of fans as well. Alot of girls including myself & you Lela, have said how when they signed their contracts they are going to bring a harder, more aggressive edge to the feature companies. It is the directors choice/vision or if you are the director then your choice. You could do the HOTTEST, nastiest, roughest scene with 6 guys for a feature company. But if they were to play music over it or anything else some fans may not like, then it makes people think, “Oh, it’s not a good scene” and they complain. Yes, I know it kills you guys to not have sound, but just the sex aspect of the movie doesn’t change & should still be given credit where it’s deserved. Like the people said before is that alot of girls previous to you have made that statement & never followed through So, good luck trying to convince people because until people see it, your statement means nothing. And yes, I know I’ve said this statement too before, But I’ve been working on it myself. It’s a process that is taking me awhile & is being worked on presently.

Lela Star responds: “Are u kidding me right now? Maybe you cant read properly but now where in my post did I mention your name. Not everything is about u sweetie. Honeslty I dont even know who u are. Someone else said ur name in there post. I made a statement of who I was not going to be contracted with and that I was a smart girl. Didnt mean those companies arnt good just that Ii wasnt being contracted with them. And people were concerned I would change and I reassured them that I would. So sweetie why dont u read the whole post and figure it out that someone else has a problem with u…..not me.”

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