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Lena Paul is Jenna Sativa’s Step-Sister Booty Sniffer, Now at Girlsway

Girlsway is engaging in the illicit olfactory delights of undies in its latest Girls Try Anal release, Step-Sister Booty Sniffer, starring Lena Paul and Jenna Sativa, available June 25 at

The family-roleplay comedy from director Stills by Alan gives fans an eyeful of Lena Paul as she spies, swipes and inhales the fragrant pleasures of Jenna Sativa’s lacy thong left on the bathroom floor.

“What are you doing with my panties?” asks a shocked Jenna as she returns to the bathroom. Lena leans back, caught in the act: “I was going to do your laundry… a step-sister can’t do laundry for another step-sister?”

“Step-SISTER?” sputters Jenna, “more like step-SNIFFER!” before conceding, “I have to admit, I’ve always had a crush on you… have you ever tasted another woman’s asshole?”

“This is another of our most popular themes from our Girlsway viewers,” said Stills by Alan of the Booty Sniffer scene, a Member Fantasy sent in from forum member LUVISLUV. “We get many, many panty-sniffing fetish requests, so to our fans… you’re welcome!”

Look for Step-Sister Booty Sniffer at and find out more about its stars Jenna Sativa and Lena Paul at their official Girlsway model pages.

Step-Sister Booty Sniffer

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