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Lenny Friedlander Shot Himself

He was found in the backyard by his wife Kim.

Lenny’s been working out of his home in New Orleans the past few years.

He left behind three kids including Angelica who worked for Rob Spallone as a production manager. She has this infectious laugh.

According to Mark Kernes’s report for AVN July 18, a “family emergency” kept Lenny from attending the latest FSC meeting.

Lenny’s had poor health the past few years.

Gene Ross posts this collection of posts from the forums (I can’t find the thread):

>Who killed himself today in Chateau Estates? Anyone know?

>Lenny Friedlander shot himself in the head in his backyard. I don’t think anyone was home.

>What a nice man, I pray that this is an error. I work for a company that services his lawn and landscape and we were out there a few hours ago, everything seemed normal, especially in the back yard. No sign of trama, and people working on the house as usual. I pray for his family I pray that this was a misprint.

>He loved his little girl so much and now she will grow up not knowing what a loving father she had.

>I knew he was sick, but it breaks my heart to hear this. Anyone that knew him would say the same thing; he was such a sweet and loving man. A true gentleman. He will be sadly missed.

According to

Leonard H. Friedlander on Sunday, August 5, 2007 at 2:05 PM. Age 50. Beloved husband of Kim Anselmo Friedlander. Father of Angelica, Russell and Mandy Friedlander. Son of the late Theodore Friedlander and Matilda Lippman Friedlander. Brother of Judith, Louis and Ronald Friedlander and the late Debra Friedlander Lindenauer. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the Funeral Service at GREENWOOD FUNERAL HOME, 5200 Canal Blvd. (in Greenwood Cemetery), on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 3:00 PM. Interment will be private. Visitation will begin at 1:00 PM. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to your favorite charity. To sign and view the Family Guestbook, please visit

Gene Ross reports:

Lenny, because he was a wealthy man was very in in New Orleans. He was a sweet guy and was always giving away money, helping people. I think he even had a New Orleans police badge. And he was allowed to have guns. He was very in with the cops. And very in with the city.”

“The cops said you want a gun to carry in the city? Don’t worry about it. We’ll never stop you,” TGV continues. “They knew him by sight. He was a famous guy in New Orleans.”

“Some people said he suffered from depression,” TGC goes on to say. “But the rumors are completely out of control. Now again this is all rumor, but the story is he found people stealing from him.

“…I’m hearing Lenny, even though he paid his bills, wanted his $40,000 a month no matter how the business did.”

I get a call at noon, Aug. 7.

Man: “What are you doing?”

Luke: “What do you mean?”

Man: “Are you looking to get yourself hurt?”

Luke: “No.”

Man: “You’re gonna. There’s nothing that anyone can do to help you. You’re gonna have a big problem. A lot bigger than you’ve ever had.

“For what you put up there this morning, you will not go to any conventions without getting hurt. And I mean really hurt. You should’ve thought about that before you put that up there. You know you’re out of the porn business. I’m dead serious. You’re going to go to a convention or something and something’s gonna happen.”

“This is somebody’s life. He has family. There’s a lot of people he knew. You put up that story, true or not, you should’ve thought about it. You’re not talking about these little douchebags who shoot movies whose sets you go on. This is one of the biggest guys in the industry. He has a lot of friends. You are not safe.”

“This is a tragedy and that is something that should not be put up there.”

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