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Lesbian Prostitutes Available

NL-Prostitution is legal in the UK


    Jessica Walden writes for Xtra , Canada’s Gay and Lesbian News. She began a recent article with the following ,’ I paid a woman for sex and it was the best I’ve ever had.’
     Lesbian escort services have existed for about 20 years now. One of the first , Club Rosa (, was founded by sex-expert Laura Meritt in Berlin in 1993. She went on to initiate Por Yes the first European feminist porn award. A more  recent German example is Greta Bretano’s A Muse Tonight , (
     There were three lesbian escort agencies in Brighton on the south coast of England. Juliet Lamble, founder of Nomansland , said in an interview,
    ….I had a friend who worked as an escort for guys only so I decided to investigate to see if the service was available to woman too. I found nothing so after some more research (registering myself with a straight agency) I decided to have a go myself.
Amelia Ramirez , founder of London based Sirens , ( , had her own very personal reasons for creating the agency,
    “I decided to set up Sirens when I realised there was a gap in the market,” she explains. “I wanted to book a lesbian escort one evening for an hour of fun but realised there wasn’t anything available for me. The only options seemed to be bi and lesbian dating sites and ‘seeking sex’ sites but I didn’t want to date anyone, and I didn’t want to spend time trawling through sex ads, potentially meeting someone who might be unlike their photo or at worst a bit unhinged!” Amelia concluded that she probably wasn’t alone in her frustration. “This led me to think that there might be hundreds of other women in London who simply want some no-strings fun but don’t know how to go about it.”
Ingrid Shaw , founder of Delicious Dalliances* in Sydney , was inspired by a lesbian scene in the TV series Underbelly A Tale of Two Cities.
    Jessica Walden is probably in a minority as a lesbian. As Amelia explained,
    Perhaps the reason why there are no escort agencies for lesbians is that there just isn’t a culture of paying for sex in the lesbian community. Embarrassment, shame, guilt: there’s a lot of negative feelings and perceptions to overcome before this could ever approach the mainstream. It’s something that Amelia has certainly considered.
“I don’t know if ordinary lesbian women will take to it,” she admits. “But for bi-curious women I wholeheartedly think it will work.
All of the agency owners agree that their main clientele are the bicurious or as Ingrid calls them heteroflexible women.
The New Hite Report in 2000 found that 71% of women were interested in trying lesbian sex. It’s also the third most popular female fantasy. Add to this over the last two decades a growing proportion of women with the means to indulge their bicuriosity.
    Men typically can just be shown a catalogue and choose from photos with women it’s a bit more subtle. Ingrid explained,
    “I’m not a psychologist but to some degree I have become a by-proxy counsellor in these matters and there are actual differences between men and women, and that extends to what they like in the bedroom,” she says.
“These aren’t women who decide two hours before hand that they need to take someone to bed right then and there.
“There is generally a 10-day lead in time as the client starts thinking about whether she would like to experience another woman and there are a lot of phone calls between then and when the date goes ahead, believe me!”
And that is what these liaisons start out as; dates. There is dinner at an up-market restaurant. Wine, champagne, cheese. Chatter. And yes, sex.
Women want to be wooed. They want to feel comfortable. In liaisons like this, it’s necessary.
So how do you make a first timer comfortable?
     Milla , one of Ingrid’s girls, explained,
    “My job is purely to make them feel at ease and then to show them a good time,” she says.
“We go as fast or as slow as they like. Often, to begin with, the clients are understandably quite nervous so we talk over dinner and get to know each other.
“I had one client who was so jittery she would flinch every time I even came close to her, but she’s come back on a regular basis now and she jumps me as soon as we get into the room.”
Amelia has a different tactic. She explained,
    Female sexuality can be a complicated beast, but the specialised services offered by Sirens try to accommodate this. They pay particular attention to the needs of first-timers. “I also recognised that for some women who have never been with a woman before, the whole experience may be a bit daunting,” Amelia explains, “so I found a Tantric Massage therapist to join the agency.” She goes on: “Tantric massage allows the client to fully immerse themselves in the sensations without the usual urgency or pressure to orgasm. A full body massage is given but interwoven throughout. The therapist incorporates a yoni (vagina) massage into the session, bringing you to the point of orgasm and back again many times which often results in a full body orgasm
Women want to explore their sexuality and the agencies provide every way to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. They take care of reservations and even the type of sex if clients are uncertain.
    Juliet said that the escorts she recruits ,
      ….have to be attractive with a very outgoing personality, professional and discreet, able to handle sensitive situations. Physical appearance is important but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I like to have a range of different looking girls for each individual taste of the client.’ Most are ‘in their twenties, sexy, feminine, and extrovert.
Attractiveness can reflect in the price. There’s also the thorny question of if the girls are really bi. This is what Amelia had to say,
    “A lot of those girls who claim to be bi aren’t bi at all,” says Amelia. “You’re not really getting a full experience. To pay for someone who’s faking is defeating the purpose – it’s a farce really. I didn’t feel at all comfortable going to those fake bi girls.”
But does the sexuality of the escort really matter? Whether it’s a straight woman faking an attraction to you or a lesbian woman faking an attraction to you, it’s still sex based on a lie.
For Amelia, the real issue is not the emotional connection but the physical. After all, if you’re paying for a service you expect a certain level of skill and experience. Skill and experience which are in short supply, in fact .
“This is so new that it’s proving difficult to find women to work for us”, Amelia admits. Sirens has a few bi girls on the books already but Amelia wants more bona fide lesbians: “girly girls, boy-types – we want all kinds.”
There’s another English agency that proudly calls itself Bi Girls, (
    Whilst having an experience with another woman won’t make you a lesbian you may get the taste for sapphic pleasures. Ingrid noted,
     Some just once, never to return. They try it out and retreat back to the ‘normalcy’ of their families. Other might come back twice. Or three times. Others have become regulars.
They’re driven to exploration, not necessarily because they are lesbians, but because they have had urges they could not explain. A spark. A thrill at the thought of a same-sex experience. Questions. Fantasies. Some strong, some dull. But still there.
And there may be an advantage in starting a relationship with one of the girls. Juliet said,
    If a relationship were to develop over a period of time I’d like to think that because I had a good working relationship with my escort that she would be able to tell me if this was happening. Once they were seeing each other continuously I wouldn’t take a fee from the client at that stage.
Whether it’s for one night or longer the risk of potential violence is of course much much less. Most good agencies make sure that men are kept very far away.
    Rates can vary with the most basic difference being on whether the girl is making an incall or an outcall. You’re talking in the UK of an hourly rate of around $300.
    This type of service is expanding and there are now transgender escorts. Sites are quite difficult to find and agencies don’t seem to last. I’d hope that like Jessica Walden that you find someone who’s not only beautiful but gives you a night to remember.

    Delicious Dalliances web site is down but I don’t know if the agency has folded.

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