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Let Us Pray For Wanker Wang

DVDFreak posts to ADT:

 Chico (Wanker) Wang is in many ways a “tragic” sort of character.


Yes, he is Asian. In fact, in many regards, Chico fit the typical Asian American “Model Minority” stereotype. He was an excellent student, having graduated with honors (I believe) from UCLA and also earning a Masters from that school as well. UCLA is an excellent institution and graduating with honors from there is no easy feat. After having done some research on him, it’s obvious he had the intellect to succeed in a highly respected field (like a lawyer or a banker).

In that regard, it is a bit disconcerting to see someone with Chico’s accomplishments end up stuck in porn. Granted, it was likely his own choice, but being Asian American myself, having a career in the porn industry (even if it is only behind the scenes) is tantamount to ex-communication. It’s looked down upon, possibly worse than being a convicted murderer.

Looks like Chico is going through a lot right now and let’s wait until the facts are clear. Let’s pray for him, but more importantly, let’s pray for Haley.

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