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“Let’s be nicer to whores”

NL- I don’t necessarily like the way it’s said, or the words he uses, but I like the overall idea behind it.

by William from his blog

Let’s be nicer to whores

This might seem like an odd sentiment coming from me, given my long history of abusing porn whores. But in my own defense, I really just enjoy abusing women in general. The porn whores are just better sports about putting up with it.

Some time ago, I found myself chatting with a confrere from one of the more infamous online adult forums, who had his panties in a bunch about something or someone, and I remember asking him why exactly there was so much vitriole directed at female performers. Why were they so mean to the girls? He explained to me that, at least insofar as he was concerned, he found them all to be a little too stuck up and self-satisfied. Therefore he felt compelled to degrade them in order to take them down a peg. This was what motivated him at least. So, after some contemplation, it occured to me that what he was essentially saying was, that he felt compelled to demean and belittle young women – many of whom are single mothers, with little or no post secondary education and limited options – who decided to make their living fucking on camera in order to increase the standard of living for themselves and/or their families. These were the people he felt needed a hard, cold dose of reality. These were the people that needed to get off their high horse.

The fact of the matter is that, for every adoring fan who tells these girls how flawlessly beautiful they are, or who worships the ground beneath their feet.. there’s some bitter, angry d-bag with a case of sourgrapes who points out every blemish or physical imperfection they’ve spent years trying not to be self-conscious about. They’re too fat, they’re too thin, their tits are too small, their tits are too big, their hips are too wide, their ass is too flabby, they have stretch marks, they have zits, they have bad teeth, etc etc. I don’t feel sorry for any of them because they chose to work in an industry that exposed them to that kind of scrutiny, and they’ve gotta take the bad with the good. But there is, in fact, plenty of bad already without ingrateful masturbating shitheads contributing to the sum total.

Now granted, porn has more than its share of preening primadonnas. And yes, many of them are rock stupid or crazy as a shithouse rat, and more than deserving of our mockery. But let’s be fair… they were stupid and/or crazy before they ever got in front of a camera. Porn didn’t make them that way… it just increased their earning potential, and their exposure to hard drugs and bad people. If they hadn’t done porn, they’d just be your crazy neighborhood Denny’s waitress. And if you’re crazy enough to get creampied by 30 excons with questionable hygiene in the first place, you may as well get paid.

My point is, we don’t become whores when we start fucking for money. We were whores long before that.. we just hadn’t gotten paid yet [ And that goes for men as well as women ]. So the next time you’re sitting in judgement from the lofty perch of self-righteousness and blissful ingnorance, angry forum guy…  take a moment to consider how a foreshortened perspective can distort reality. Maybe it’s time to get off your high horse.


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