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Let’s talk about online sex AND GOING TO JAIL

There has been a lot of talk in the industry lately about extreme porn. That is porn that is outside the norm – like simulated rape, degradation and racism.

Surprisingly a lot of people making their money in porn weren’t aware of the very real legal issues involving it. Just today some dumb ass on GFY posted a question asking

“Hey guys. Do you know any incest or rape niche sponsors be still active on internet?”

And this is a guy who had been a member of the site since 2006 so it’s not like he hasn’t been around awhile. What shocks me is how many people really don’t know that they could actually get arrested and go to jail for something as simple as being an affiliate for some adult site.

I can remember years ago when Rob Black, who at the time was making movies under the name of Extreme Associates. He openly dared the feds to come after him and you know what? They did. Rob Black was acting under the assumption that because his extreme acts were simulated, (only actors pretending to do naughty things) that his acts weren’t in violation of the law. Guess what? He was wrong and as a result he went to prison.

The supreme court has a basic rule of thumb … if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck … to the supreme court, it’s a fucking duck.

I normally don’t get involved in the politics of things. I really try and avoid it. But lately someone has been grating my last nerve.

It all started when this guy in our industry named Stewart made a degrading statement about women. That put him on my radar in the first place.

A few weeks later, that same person was quick to defend a website that was dedicated to the sexual exploitation of illegal immigrants. His argument was, it’s all pretend, they are just actors so it’s no big deal.  Stewart’s argument is simple …. he knows the difference between fiction and nonfiction. On the surface, one might agree with him. I mean obviously there is a big fat difference between filming a real rape and filming a fake one, with two paid actors.

I will not deny that.

However that doesn’t make it any less legal (IN THE UNITED STATES).

And if you make your living in porn you damn sure better know that because even if you didn’t create the original content, it’s not to say that some law enforcement agency won’t target you for promoting it.

Let’s talk about a real site. Border Patrol Sex is a site that (pretends – they are actors not real border patrol agents) catches females trying to cross the border from Mexico to the US illegally. They are taken into custody, forced to have sex with the border patrol agents and then sent back to Mexico. But don’t just take my word for it, here is their sales pitch …

“Watch these guys hunting the illegal female immigrants and giving them a lesson on why the law should be obeyed. Cruising in their SUVs, agents catch these college girls in the field and fuck them really hard. Getting fucked by border patrol agents is one thing, but these girls don’t know that this doesn’t really mean they get to pass the border afterwards. The harsh school of reality”

At the very least it’s racist and degrading (even if just pretend) and obviously highly insensitive considering this very thing happens to real illegal immigrants every single day.

But here’s the catch … this site is run by a company outside of the United States. So while I’m not a lawyer so I can’t say for sure, but I will assume they did their due diligence and know they can get away with it in whatever country they are running this shit out of.

BUT that being said, if you are an affiliate of this website, it doesn’t mean your ass won’t get busted for promoting it.

If you are in the United States -YOU- are responsible for knowing what is and is not legal in the United States – even if you aren’t the original producer of said content, if you are promoting it, you could be busted for it. Hey, you might not be but you COULD be. So is it really worth taking the risk promoting it in the first place?

Even if you hire a lawyer to defend you against the charges, and you could do that and get off (hey it’s possible with a good legal team), you still had to go through the hassle of originally being busted and the major expense of hiring lawyers to defend your ass in the first place. So tell me this …. do you really want to do that?  Of course not!

Who the hell wants to go to jail, even if only for a few hours and have all their computers seized? Fuck that!

So what is and isn’t illegal? The only way to know for sure is to hire a lawyer. But some of the things we know from other industry lawyers telling us over the years are ….

  • no shots with the appearance of pain or degradation
  • no one under 18 (must have proof the actor is 18)
  • no sex with animals
  • no pissing
  • no forced sex, rape themes
  • no coffins
  • no degrading dialogue (ie: such this cock bitch)
  • no incest topics

So long story short … before you promote some website because it’s different and out there, just keep in mind the legality behind it.  Even if the website isn’t hosted in the United States or the content is produced elsewhere, what matters is, where are YOU located? If you are going to promote this kind of extreme content, it could cost you your freedom.


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