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Letterman Has Sex with his Staff



There were some awkward moments on the “Late Show” last night as host David Letterman revealed that he had testified before a grand jury about an alleged $2 million extortion attempt.

The audience laughed as he revealed the extortionist — later revealed by TMZ to be “48 Hours” producer Robert Halderman, who has since been suspended by CBS — has tried to reveal “creepy things” about Letterman, including the fact that he had sex with staffers on his show.

“The creepy stuff was that I have had sex with women who work for me on this show,” Letterman said. “Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Perhaps it would. Especially for the women.”

Why did Letterman’s audience find these revelations so funny? Perhaps it was because the late night host decided to talk about serious stuff during a segment that’s usually filled with a Top 10 list. Although we’re happy that Letterman could ‘fess up, we think he could have picked a more appropriate — and serious — venue.

Our sister blog TVNewser has more information on the extortion story. The latest revelation from TMZ names one of the women who was involved with Letterman, his former assistant Stephanie Birkitt, who was reportedly (extortionist) Halderman’s live-in girlfriend.

CL- I’m wondering if there is a secret sex tape about to come out! I am guessing Palin wasn’t among those “lucky enough” to try Letterman on for size. But you can always pretend and watch Letterman is Nailin Palin! ( I LOVE this boxcover)

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