Lexi Belle and Penny Flame Vid for Canada Day

Guess what? It’s America’s Hat’s Birthday! Celebrate “Canada Day” with Lexi Belle and Penny Flame! I guess nobody told them not to play with their food… and thank the lord for that, eh? These girls are so horny for ‘tators, this scene will make you blow your cheese curds. Did I go too far? If you’d like some nudity with that, since you already have fries, click on the girls names for real porn videos.

FYI: Poutine—for you that don’t know—is fries with gravy and cheese curds. I have it basically every time I visit my family up north. It may sound unappealing, and look a little gross… but trust me when I say it’s absolutely amazing.

So, Happy Canada Day to all you friendly, hockey playing, toque wearing, beaver loving poutine eaters! Here’s a picture that’s somewhat unrelated:

Keep calm and love… anal?

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