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Interview by Cindi Loftus
The adorable, angelic Lexi Belle is 23, looks 18 and is one of the top twenty porn stars in the world. CNBC named her one of their dirty dozen top adult stars. Her family describes her as a dork who stays home on Saturday night to talk to her bird. She was a band geek in high school playing the trombone. She is totally not what you expect from a porn star.  She is currently perfecting her snowboarding skills. Her sex scenes are already perfected.


Xcitement: You are adorable! I like that you don’t feel that you have to be little miss sex goddess all the time either. I like your avatar on twitter where you look like a little brat, sticking your tongue out, and with clown makeup on. Does everyone love that avatar?
Lexi Belle: Yes. I’ve had that for two years now and I don’t have the heart to change it. I love it. That is so me. That is exactly how I am feeling. Every single day I get about ten tweets of people saying they love my avatar. Many have no idea who I am. They are just following me because of my picture. Then I get a few people who say they are unfollowing me because they are afraid of clowns and they can’t handle my picture. So I get mixed feelings, but more people like it then hate it. And I love it.
X: Why did you have that makeup on?
L: It was a shoot for, who is one of my best friends and we were just doing a photoset one day and he looks at the makeup artist and looks at me and says what do you feel about clowns, and I said I had never been a clown before we should do that. I ended up being a clown on roller skates. It was awesome.
X: And were you naked during this?
L: I ended up getting naked yes.
X: So a naked dancing clown on roller skates. There is something you don’t see every day.
L: Yes. It was very spontaneous.
X: We were originally going to talk on Friday, but you ended up being on the set late. The last thing I heard about your day was that you were dancing naked on the roof.
L: Yes I was doing a little tease on the roof downtown. That’s going to be in Downtown Girls 3 I think for Zero Tolerance.
X: Could anyone from the ground see you naked on the roof?
L: I was trying to look, but no I don’t think so. We were in the industrial area and there wasn’t anyone outside. Unfortunately.
X: That is too bad. You could have been teasing the bystanders.
L: I like to draw attention to myself. Just last week I was on the top floor of Belladonna’s studio hanging out naked and we were trying to draw attention to ourselves. So it’s really disgusting but we peed in a pitcher and dumped it off the top floor. We were naked and screaming out the window like lunatics at 12 in the afternoon. It was awesome.
X: I hope you didn’t pour it on anyone.
L: No, again unfortunately no one saw us. We just poured it on a bunch of cars, one of them could have been my car I have no idea.
X: You are a bad girl Lexi.
L: It’s fun.
X: You remind me of a nymph, you know like a fairy. Into nature and happy and naked and laughing but with a naughty streak in you.
L: I think you nailed it. I’ve been told that before.
X: And who would have thought when you were growing up in Louisiana that you would end up in LA being a porn star.
L: I grew up more in Mississippi, and I came out here in high school. So I am more of a Southern California girl at this point, an LA girl.
X: What were you like in high school?
L: I was a band geek. I was very prude. I always had a boyfriend and we did nothing but make-out. I was very shy.
X: What did you play in the band?
L: I played the trombone.
X: Oh my god. I thought you would say the clarinet or the flute.
L: I hate the clarinet and the flute players they are so perky.
X: You are pretty perky yourself.
L: I know. I liked to hang out with low brass kids. They were so fun and normal and they were very comfortable in their own skin. I miss that about my little clique in high school.
X: Did you wear glasses and have your hair in a ponytail?
L: No I had a Mohawk.
X: That’s not band geek like!
L: It’s really funny. The way I dressed and my hairstyle was very loud, hey everyone look at me I shaved off all my hair and it’s changing colors every day and I was constantly ditching class. But my band classes, I had three of them I was always there. I was there at 6:30 am on the field and I was quiet and shy. But my clothes expressed that I was loud.
X: I think there was always a porn star in there waiting to get out.
L: Yeah. I think so too. Because once I had sex for the first time, it just went off from there. I was like that was cool, who else from my graduating class can I bone?
X: I know you were “discovered” working at a video store. Was that during or after high school?
L: It was after high school. I hated it because I didn’t watch any movies and I was the worst employee. But my best friend’s dad was the manager so I totally got hooked up with the job and was allowed to slack. I did the minimum work possible. Then this guy walked in one day and he was married to a porn star and told me I was cute and asked if I had done any porno and I said no, under the sheets with the lights off only sex. We built up a friendship for about three months and one day I went to a set and was watching this MILF get railed by these two big black penises and I was staring at it and my eyes were watering and I couldn’t blink and I thought oh my goodness I think I want to try it. So my very, very first scene was with two guys and it was my very first time ever giving head and I wouldn’t recommend learning that way to anyone. Unless you want to learn fast, then it’s the best way I guess.
X: How do you learn like that? It’s not an easy skill. You don’t know where to put your tongue or how to keep your teeth out of the way.
L: Oh no, no, no. I don’t think anyone had ever gone down on me before either. I had a girl go down on me briefly in high school, but I was just laughing, I couldn’t enjoy it. So when I was about to go down on this guy I was like ewww that’s their penis and they pee out of it. After a couple scenes and my jaw started opening up and I learned how to correctly give a blow-job I was like I really like this. I really like it a lot. Then I discovered girls and it was all over. I was never leaving.
X: What was your planned occupation before you fell into porn?
L: I didn’t really have one. I was a typical eighteen year old. I just found myself in this situation that I was kind of scared about but really wanted to experience it. And it kind of took off from the very first scene I did.
X: What was your first scene and who were the two guys?
L: I can’t remember. The guys were buff and fit. One had kind of a small penis and one had kind of a big one. I don’t remember much because I was staring at the camera the whole time. They said say something sexy, and I would laugh and continue to stare at the camera. I was shooting for the same director, Chico Wang, for sixteen scenes in a row and he loved it. I learned a lot from him and met a lot of great people through him, like James Deen. James and I were both so young and we started out at the same time.
X: So what are some of your favorite things about this crazy job that you have?
L: I really like what I have turned into. I have found myself in this industry. I came in not knowing what I liked and who I am, and what sex is about, and what it feels like to have pleasure and pleasure someone else, and I just really like that I am so comfortable now. I feel very comfortable naked. I love being naked. It’s very exciting to have sex with tons of gorgeous people who love it just as much and especially working with girls. I really believe that girls have kept me in this industry because there is always a new flow of girls and I’m just speechless when I work with them.
X: Who do you think are the sexiest women in porn?
L: Always number one for me will be Belladonna. She is a good friend and quite a role model. My new favorite and my porno girlfriend as well is Allie Haze.
X: She is SO cute.
L: She is. I am loving this new flow of natural girls. It is so refreshing. I am working with her a lot and she is becoming a good friend.
X: So what is the hottest girl/girl scene you have ever done?
L: I did a scene with Julia Ann for Kittens & Cougars. It was almost two years ago but I can never forget about it. It was very realistic and I just loved every moment of it. That was definitely the hottest scene for me. One of those situations when you look up and you are like we are done? It’s already been thirty minutes? We have to stop now and do paperwork? Why does this have to end? Why do you guys have to be here? Why can’t this be in my house?
X: What was the set up?
L: It was a younger girl, older lady situation and she was in the shower. I gawk at her watching her bathe and then I join her in the showers and there were no words exchanged. It was all body language and chemistry and then she picks me up and we are soaking wet and we go onto the bed and we just do our thing.
X: She’s gorgeous isn’t she?
L: She’s awesome. Her personality is so big. It’s amazing. I love it.
X: You are a lucky girl.
L: I am.
X: Who do you think is hot in mainstream? If you could pick someone to say I think I’ll have sex with her, who would it be?
L: Scarlet Johansson. She’s gorgeous. I like her curvy body a lot. I like girls with meat. Healthy looking girls that aren’t afraid to eat.
X: Who in porn would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?
L: I’ve never worked with Kagney (Linn Karter), and I feel that her and Scarlet Johansson have similar looks.
X: Do you watch your own movies?
L: I don‘t usually. But recently there is this certain penis that I am fond of that I shot for my website.
X: Would you like to tell the name of the penis owner?
L: No. He’s on my site. So I find myself watching those scenes a lot. It’s more to watch him, than me. I also definitely watch trailers and scenes of other people. But if I am at home and I want to watch porn I’d rather do a live chat with a random person where I cut off my face, so they have no idea who I am. Because that turns me on. But I don’t usually watch my own stuff, no.
X: Wait. You’re not getting off that cam subject so easily. So you go on cam and cut off your face so they don’t know they are talking to a porn star?
L: Yeah (giggles)
X: And just do a free chat with some random pervert.
L: Yeah. Don’t tell everyone my secret! Honestly, it’s one of those things where it’s one in the morning and I have to wake up at eight and I’m horny but I can’t go to sleep. I wanna jack off but I don’t want to stay up for another thirty minutes. If I just go in this chat room, I finish in three minutes by watching a guy stroking his cock. And then I exit out and they don’t know who I am. And now I can go to sleep.
X: That is very sexy of you to do. I heard you love snowboarding. Have you done it naked yet?
L: Oh I would love too, but I am still falling a lot because this is my first season so I don’t want to chance that right now. But I did give a mini hand job on the ski lift.
X: To anyone we know? Or just some lucky guy?
L: Maybe, maybe not. There are a lot of hot people snowboarding.
X: There is a porn movie in there somewhere, snowboarding, ski lift, log cabin, fireplace….
L: We did one for Belladonna called Cabin Fever. Ten of us went and we “got stuck” in a cabin for five days and we did actually get in fights and make out and played games. It was really fun literally trapped in a cabin where people were getting along and not and having sex and not, doing all kinds of crazy shit.
X: How do you like acting?
L: I like it when I have a role that is not out of my element. When I am the nice cute girl next door. But when I get the hooker that’s in charge of all these bitches, you are a killer. I am like what? I have to lower my voice for this role? I can’t do that. Sometimes when I get handed these roles, I’m like what were they thinking? I do the best that I can, and I enjoy it, but I miss gonzo a lot. I like going for it. When they tell me you two go have sex all over this area. That’s when I feel like I am performing the best.
X: You were so good as Batgirl!
L: That I fuckin’ loved. That was so much fun. The fact that I could wear the cape while I was having sex, I was so ecstatic. I have always wanted to wear a cape while having sex.
X: That was my overall favorite movie last year. My number one.
L: I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. The entire crew was just busting up. Evan Stone was so funny. Randy Spears, I couldn’t believe I was part of this. It was the best.
X: Evan is fun no matter what he does because he is such a goof ball. He is fun to be around on set
L: Yes he is.
X: And you won an award!
L: Yes, it always cool being at conventions and people say there’s Lexi Belle. But this year it was BATGIRL! BATGIRL! Alexis Texas gets to be Buttwoman, and I get to be Batgirl! That’s awesome! I love it.
X: Do you get recognized when you go out in public?
L: Sometimes. I got recognized at a Rave with 80,000 people. Every now and then I get recognized but it’s always when I am in my gym clothes and have my hair up, and have a baseball cap on. I’m like how the fuck do you recognize me? I like running into fans. I give everyone a hug. That is one thing I am known for is free hugs.
X: That fits your personality so well. Another movie that I liked that you were in, that I heard was hard to do, was Baywatch. I heard the water was freezing.
L: I wasn’t too happy about that one. I got booked for it and I’m not blond-ish anymore so I’m like good so I’m not one of the main characters which is good, because I am terrified of the ocean. So I get there and the director tells me that I play the girl drowning in the ocean that the Baywatch girls are going to save. And I said NO! You don’t understand, I hate ladybugs and I hate the ocean. I can barely put my toes in. I never thought I would have to come across that in porn. I’m here to have sex, not to drown. This is the one time I pulled out my diva card and the tears come, I can’t go in the water please don’t make me! They said they would only put me knee deep in this freezing water and they keep telling me to go back, go back. So I am waist deep now and I was like holy shit. Then they tell me to put my head underwater. So there were twenty people on shore encouraging me to go deeper and deeper. I finally did it. It was not fun. I don’t want to do that again. We did do an underwater BJ in the pool and that was fun. I would do that again any day.
X: You should be proud of yourself for overcoming your fears and going through with it.
L: There was one time that I was bound and gagged and put in a straight jacket and hung upside down and fucked and I would rather do that again then go in the ocean. (laughs)
X: I saw your website and it is very cute and cool, just like you. I saw pictures of you with a blow up leprechaun. Did you have sex with that leprechaun?
L: No, I just molested him and danced with him.
X: Was that real dark beer that you guys were drinking?
L: Yes it was.
X: So tell me about your website.
L: It’s It’s my favorite thing to do in this industry. I love shooting for my website. It’s all my own ideas. I get to pick out every single person I have sex with. If it’s a girl its usually because I have a major crush on them and I’ve always wanted to fuck ‘em. My website is the best pickup line ever. I meet someone on set and I say oh you’re hot, can I get your number? I want to shoot you for my website and you’ll be fucking me. It’s so cool. I love doing that. I pulled that on a guy once and he’s not even in the industry and I talked him into doing it. I like covering all kinds of crazy aspects of my sex life. Sometimes it’s the silly young lady that I usually am barefoot, diddling one out and sometimes I like to be crazy like cover myself with fake blood or choke myself out with cable cords, or have really rough sex, or play dress up. Some of it is shot in my own house in my own bedroom. It’s just so real.
X: Even just on the site’s tour I could see quite a bit. I saw you be really sexy and naked in the bathtub. And you do free web cam shows too.
L: I do them two or three times a month and they are moving up to two hours long, so I am really excited. I will be doing that in my house too because now I have the equipment for it.
X: So what else do you have coming up?
L: I’m really excited to be going back to Australia in July for the Brisbane Sexpo because the fans in Australia are awesome. They are so pumped and excited about everything. It’s a lot of fun there.
X: I have a couple questions from fans. How do you feel about condoms being mandatory in porn?
L: I am pro condom in my personal life. As far as in sex scenes I really hope it doesn’t come to that because sex without a condom is better for a performance. It’s a double-edged sword.
X: One of your fans wants to know if you will smoke a blunt with him.
L: I will smoke a blunt with any fan at any time.
X: What is the biggest change in the industry since you started?
L: I like the more natural look that is coming in. I like hair.
X: Do you get to pick the guys that you work with?
L: Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. But I definitely don’t have to fuck anyone that I don’t want too.
X: Is it true you are a vegan, and have you ever eaten steak?
L: I’m not a vegan, I am a vegetarian. I used to eat a lot of red meat. I grew up in the south so all we did was eat read meat and drink Dr Pepper, so I have grown out of those two things. My heart is just not in it. I can’t eat it. I eat fish so technically I am a peschatarian. I like raw fish, not cooked fish. So occasionally I eat fish. But everyone thinks I am saying I am a Presbyterian.
X: (Laughs) That’s funny. Ten words to describe yourself…
L: I’m really bad at this.
X: Come on. Adorable, funny, kinky..
L: Quirky, adorable, kinky, silly. I don’t like to talk about myself.
When people say what is my favorite body part, I don’t want to tell them what I think, I want to hear what they think. I am going to say my eyeball (laughs)
X: Your ear canal.
L: My liver!
X: (cracks up) That’s a good answer!
L: Do you have a message for your fans?
X: It’s always the same. I love them. They are my favorite ever!
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