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Lexxi Tyler – Gorgeous Woman

KNFan posts on ADT:

Lexxi Tyler – what a gorgeous woman ! She caught my attention more and more recently. There was no thread of her so far, so here it is.

According to IAFD she has done g/g only in her movies since 2005. I hope she will do b/g some time.
Anyway, there are lots of fantastic galleries of Lexxi on the web.

Hugh posts: “And yet she’s a hooker on the side, but won’t do b/g on camera. Very puzzling to say the least.”

Roxy DeVille posts: “as far as I’m aware there are a lot of girls who only do a few scenes or g/g scenes to get the “porn star” status to make more $$ hooking. Lexxi makes WAY more hooking than she would doing b/g scenes.”

PT109 posts: “That is pretty puzzling, a lot of these pornstar hookers will let you film the session, or have there significant other film it. So why no on-screen b/g movies. I wonder if Lexxi could reply to that question. I love it when pornstars actually respond to question’s here at ADT.”

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