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Lexxi Tyler Loves High heels, Tyler Faith, Dancing, Plastic Surgery- exclusive interview & HOT PICS


photos by Josh Ryan & Aziani

A did an interview with Lexxi Tyler for Xcitement’s Adult Fun 411 mag. Here’s some of it-

I called Lexxi Tyler to do an interview with me. She was in Cancun, Mexico on vacation, and she was so nice to interrupt it for our chat. It was planned to be twenty minutes long but turned into an hour conversation. I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING we talked about, but alas, some of the names and details have to remain off the record. Don’t worry though, we left LOTS of good stuff and sex in the story.
Adult Fun: Tell me about Cancun.
Lexxi: It’s my first time here. The water is crystal clear, the sand is white and the weather is perfect. It’s like paradise here. It’s beautiful.
AF: What have you been doing there?
L: I just got here yesterday. So far I’ve laid out on the beach and gone to the spa to have a facial. It’s quiet here and relaxing.
AF: Thank you for the pictures. They are beautiful, and I have to say you have amazing boobs.
L: Oh thank you.
AF: Who ever did them should get an award.
Dr XXXX in New York.
AF: I’ve seen a lot of boobs and those are some of the best.
L: I was looking forward to growing old under the knife with him, but he got in some trouble and lost his license.
AF: What did he do?
L: There were rumors that he was smoking crack with some girls and doing things to them while they were under anesthesia. I don’t know that side of him at all. In the end he lost everything.
AF: It sucks because you are going to have to find another doctor.
L: I know, and he was such a good plastic surgeon and I met a lot of cool people through him. We would go out to dinner with a group of people, and I just never saw a bad side.

AF: I looked at pictures of you on the web, and in the old ones you look so different. You have dark hair…
L: I had darker, shorter hair. My boobs were lower, I had them lifted. I completely transformed myself. The older you get the more fabulous you have to look, right?
AF: You do. And even the Publisher said he was getting horny looking at your pictures, he loved your boobs and that’s a compliment since he looks at girls and boobs all day long.
L: I know. It is definitely a compliment.

AF: So where was the best sex you ever had?
L: Probably in Vegas, I don’t think I was too wasted. All I remember is that we were fucking forever. I came like thirty times. And then there is another instance when I was in Corpus Christi where he went down on me, finger fucked me and used my vibrator, it was insane, we were at it for about twelve hours and I must have had another thirty orgasms. I was exhausted after that. My pussy was done. It was so awesome. But there isn’t that much else to do in Corpus Christi.
AF: You should have had a little hand held video camera, and you could have sold the tape and said it was stolen from your hotel room.
L: (Laughing) My hotel room has several balconies so he asked if he could bend me over the balcony and fuck me doggy style and I said only if you videotape it. But neither of us wanted our face in it. How corny is that? That’s lame.
L: I totally support plastic surgery, anybody who talks shit about you is just pissed about it because they can’t afford it.
AF: Monstar said what he loves about you is how sexy you dance.
L: I’ve got some moves. He’s been out with me and my girlfriends quite a few times, so yes he would know. I love dancing around the strip pole and on the stage and feature dancing.

AF: What makes you feel sexy?
L: Wearing high heels. I could walk around in them all the time.
AF: Who are your favorite stars that you like working with?
L: Well Rebecca Love was the first star to give me an orgasm. I like working with Tyler Faith. Jesse Jane and I had a scene in Cheerleaders with nine other girls I think, in a locker room. Jesse brings it. She pinned me up against the locker. She is really aggressive. It is fun working with someone who really likes being with girls. I also love with Sophia Santi.
AF: You said you liked working with Tyler Faith, I love Tyler.
L: She was my first scene. They asked me who I wanted to work with and I said her. We recreated the Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr ad where we were washing the car, pouring soap all over each other, titties on the windshield. It was so awesome. After that, I couldn’t wait to do my next scene.

AF: If you could have sex with anyone in a scene who would it be?
L: Well if I were to do a boy/girl scene, I would want Erik Everhard. I’ve asked around a lot and he comes highly recommended.
AF: What do you think about when you masturbate?
L: I think about how good a dude feels when he is fucking me. It doesn’t take very long to rub one out.
AF: You’re easy.
L: Totally easy. (Laughs)
AF: Do you have a message for your fans?
L: Keep jerking off and keep buying my movies and keep voting for me when I am nominated for stuff. And thank you!

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