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Lexxi Tyler’s Girls

Lexxi Tyler Entertainment posts on Fun With PSEs: “Why ru posting this on the public board??!! Did u not ready my post where it says email me on my PRIVATE email?! DO NOT email me on the boards! [email protected] GUYS LISTEN UP If I keep having this problem I’m out! Do I make myself crystal clear? I’m offering U Fair PSE rates that agencies cant. The girls DO NOT want their names to be splattered all over the boards! I WILL NOT REPEAT MYSELF AGAIN!”

Big posts: “I have emailed Lexxi several times. EVERY time, she has responded quickly, and answered my questions. If it was something that she couldn’t answer right away, she told me so, and then tried to find out for me. Lexxi is professional, courteous, and quick to respond. Everything you could ask for in this hobby. I hope she still wants to this, because if people keep hassling her, then we’re all going to be back where we started. Just be respectful, and she will do the same. It’s not rocket science folks. And Lexxi, thank you for all that you did. I look forward to your assistance in the future.”

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