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LFP Director turns to Jesus Christ

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From Porn to Promise

by Christopher Gregory

(This is a condensed version of my story of change from one of Hollywoods top porn and horror directors to coming to Christ)

Many have asked me how did I change or even why? Let me tell you.

For around 5 years I was a porn producer as well as director for several top porn companies, but the main company I worked for was for Hustler and Larry Flynt.

I guess it was determination and drive as well as ambition that allowed me to one day walk into the sky piercing tower on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills and secure a deal that would eventually make me one of the fastest known porn directors in the business.

I am reminded of my original meeting with the people at LFP and that, while sitting in the office of Larry Flynt, I looked around and noticed so much glory and fame and power as well as money this man had made throughout his career and I decided, I would do the same.

The meeting lasted less than an hour and by then I was quickly being groomed as a career pornographer. I was told that their top director was making waves within the company and that he might be leaving, rumors swirled that he was moving to Vivid and that he he was to leave I would be looked at seriously to take his place as a Hollywood styled director as my training had come from film school and I had a very solid eye for filmmaking in the mainstream world, and that was what they really wanted, they wanted fresh blood that would allow them to branch out into the mainstream marketplace. I was their boy.

For weeks and months I worked on my first adult film and when that came out in success, I received another call that I was being considered for another film – a series which would have made me millions in revenue and secure my spot in the Hustler Corporation. Then other offers were starting to come in from differernt companies. I travelled around the world literally and things were moving in my direction. Til I was simply tired of what I was doing. Sure, I was working for one of the top companies to date but at what cost?

The problem laid with me. For nights I could not sleep, working non stop and all hours of the day all trying to become a top director, regardless whether or not it was porn. I was working till it was hurting my body.

But what took place was nothing short of a miracle when Jesus came to me one afternoon and changed my life. For all this time I was only focused on the now, getting what I could out of the world, the endless fighting to get more than the other guy, the backstabbing, the betrayels, the hurts, all of that suddenly didn’t seem at all important to me as I had received Christ as my saviour. No longer did I want to make porn for a living. But when I left, the money left as well, the phone calls stopped and the friends who I thought would stand by me also left. But the one person who stayed by me was Jesus Christ.

Sure, I had it all, I was getting it all. I made enemies simply because of my growing success, my name was starting to become well known in Hollywood. People knew me as the guy who worked for Hustler magazine. I had it all. But I did not have it all. But Christ came into my life and restored me. He changed my life, my outlook on life and restored my mind as well. I can sleep at night without worrying about anything as no longer I lived in fear. No longer was I the guy who sold girls into the sex industry. That person has now died in Christ. He has changed my views and now I think like Christ. I am now beginning to study his word and he has restored unto me all I had lost while out in the world. Now I am preparing to preach the gospel to all those that will listen. But God has changed me forever.

This is but a small part of what God did, but it’s to show you that even a former porn producer, one of the top leading directors in that genre can find salvation through Christ.


NL- I find  info that a few years ago, he directed a couple sexy horror flicks for a company formed by Hustler & VCA. I don’t see any big PORN CAREER anywhere. Anyone know more?

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