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LIB 1st Official Chat is TONIGHT- NOW over. :)


Well everything went relatively well for the first hour and a 1/2, then we got hung up on the server and had to shut it down. Everyone was nice to each other. We discussed topics all over the place from real estate, to bukkakes, to every kind of porn. There were about 60 chatters in and out. I’d say it was 4/5ths successful. We’ll work on the problems and try again next week. Thank you to everyone who stopped by! xo Cindi






It will run from 7pm-9pm PST    & 10-pm- 12 mid EST

Come here anytime after ten minutes to 7 pm (or 10pm) and there will be a link to bring you in.


Tonight everyone has to be nice to everyone else. We will keep this to friendly opinions and discussions tonight. We are just breaking the room in, and I am figuring out how to work all the buttons. Once I have it down, then we can get more into the nitty gritty. The only buttons I have practiced on so far is BANNING, lol. So if you get banned tonight, it’s only for tonight, not for life like it says. So be nice and lets see what happens.

This could be fun!  ?

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