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LIB For Sale- Questions & Answers

I’ve had a good five year run here, running this amazing site. I care deeply about the adult industry. I have tried to let all opinions be heard. I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast. But I have been ill for six months now. And when my illness started I thought i would over come it, get all better and continue with my life. But unfortunatly, that is not the case. it is going to be a chronic illness. I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. And stress makes it worse. There is a lot of stress running LIB. I have to deal with a constant barage of hate, and negativty. So after a lot of thought, I am not going to do this much longer.

The price is $50,000, and to the right person I will finance some of it with a big down payment. I will also continue to write for LIB if I am wanted. But the overall handling and business end of this is not going to be my responsibility.

This site has fabulous traffic, and a very loyal readership, which I am so thankful for. The commenters are wonderful, whether negative or positive their suppost of this site is unlike anything else in the business.

Anyone who takes over this site will have a high standard to work for.

I have a wonderful job working for Xcitement Magazine. It is a positive in my life. I enjoy interviewing porn stars and writing articles and producing beautiful stories and layouts.

And yes, I have health insurance. Its a laugh. And that is a whole nother story…..

[email protected]

Hi Guys,

My email box is overflowing with questions from my readers about the sale of LIB. You know I am honest with you, so I will answer anything you ask, the best I can. 

Have you sold it yet?  No I have not.

I’ve heard you are selling it to The Aids Heathcare Foundation (or the Dot XXX people, or Manwin, or Pink Cross etc) I have heard rumors myself that AHF and dot xxx were interested, but I have had no contact with them.  No interest from Manwin as far as I know. I have heard nothing from  Pink Cross being interested.

Would you sell to those anti-porn people?   My pick would be someone who would carry on the tradition of free speech and crazy controversy that Luke Ford and I worked toward. And I would like the honesty and support of all opinions expressed that I try to honor. BUT to be realistic, I will sell to who offers to buy, if i have a choice among people/companies I want who is closest to my standards. If I don’t have that choice, I will sell to who writes me a check. I don’t love saying that, but I’m not going to lie to you. And truthfully, after working very hard on this for five years, and having to give it up, I would like to be as honorable as I can in it’s continuance, but I also have to be true to myself and my medical bills.

You are writing a book about porn and are going to expose all the secrets you have been told! Ha ha ha ha. NO, I am not. At one time about five years ago, I was working on a book project I called “Real Life Love Stories” , which was to be about people in the industry who had been together in adult for a long time and were making it work. I did many couple interviews. Problem was, even tho I picked people who had been together for years, they were breaking up. So as I would interview a couple to add to my story, another couple who I had already interviewed was spliting up. Just like in the real world, the breaking up rate was huge. So I couldn’t get ahead of it to put out a book, before couples that were to be in it were spliting up. I thank all the people that gave me their time for the book, that will probably never be.

You hate porn, just like Luke did, and you’re whole goal was to make the industry look bad.  That’s crazy. I don’t know Luke’s thoughts, although he always seemed conflicted. I don’t hate porn at all. I love so many people in this biz. I have made so many friends that don’t judge people by their quirks, or oddities, or money status. I have become so much more accepting and tolerant, because of all the wonderful people I have met. I have been around this for twenty years now, I certainly have learned a lot,and care a lot about the free speech aspect of this very much. Yes, I will admit, I am a bit over watching porn movies. After watching hundreds a year, for so many years, I really don’t look forward to watching people have sex on film. I watched some crazy ass asian subtitled movie the other night, that was hotter to me then porn, i guess because sometimes, seeing not much is better than seeing too much. ( Lust in Hell 2) and this movie deserves a reviewlll but I digress.

Can I donate toward buying LIB? Hmm, maybe, I guess if there was a group of people would wanted to buy it , we could set something up. We could put up a donate button. That isn’t really something I envisioned, but not a bad idea, so thanks. I’ll think about it.

 I love porn. I love your site. Is there a way I could own it with financing? I don’t really have the set up to finance it unless you are going to give me a big downpayment, like $20,000. Maybe there are options for you. I would look into those sites that allow people to buy in. You know those that I mean?  I can’t think of the names of any of them right now, but they did it for Misty Beethovin, and several other adult projects.

Any one that has in interest in owning this site and who wants to continue it in a similar fashion , with of course your own twist on things please contact me. Let me just say, that time is running out. Sometime in May, I will be changing lanes. And if you never saw that movie, you have missed something in life..

[email protected]  send me more questions and I will answer them

PS- Almost forgot, I got about 20 requests for interviews. If the above stuff didn’t answer your questions, or if you want more info, feel free to send me an email with your questions and I willl answer them   [email protected]  But I’m not doing any interviews for the general public.



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