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LIB Free Sex/Chat Cam Show with Alicia Hydra

The beautiful Alicia Hydra, a commenter on LIB, is also a webcam girl. She will be doing a FREE, one hour long chat & sex show just for LIB readers. You can get a look at her on her new site 

The cam show will be through IFriends. You might want to sign up now so you are ready to go on Sunday. I just signed up and they do ask for your credit card number to verify your age. WE have to have a credit card to keep out kids. They don’t charge it, and the show we are doing is FREE.

I’ll have more info on this on as it gets closer. You will need a password to get into our free room. I will have that available on here on Sunday. The chat will be this Sunday night 10pm East/ 7pm West.

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