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LIB info- listen up Dudes

1. If you try to post a comment and it doesn’t go up immediatly, it just means that you have never posted before or haven’t in a while. I might need to approve your comment. Once I do, you will have no more delays when you comment again. 2. All the comments that everyone has posted lately are uncensored and I haven’t denied a single one. 3. I do not yet have control over all that happens on LIB. I don’t have access to all that I would like to, including e-mail you send through this site. (I don’t see any of that) Things will change this coming week when the legalities are finalized. 4. I’ll let you know when all is in my hands, and then my friends, we will tear it up! And I will have a chance to straightens some people’s asses out also…… Comment your ass off. Vote in the poll to the left and send me a friend request from your my space page to /NotLukeIsBack. TY for reading NL

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