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LIB is a Google PageRank 6 & That’s a Really Good Thing!

Search engines work hard to try and determine which websites are the best and by the best I mean most relevant because that is what matters to Google most, or really to any search engine.   When you Google something they hope that the first few results that come up for it are the most relevant to what you were searching for.  To ensure that is the case they have developed a complicated and top secret algorithm, part of which is called PageRank or PR.

PageRank they tell us is is basically like a bunch of votes.  The more people who vote for your site, the better your site is and again by better it is about relevancy to them, so the more votes you have the more relevant you become in the subject matter that Google has already secretly deemed you an authority on.  The sites Google considers most important have the highest page rank.  New sites without anyone  linking to them are PR 0 (zero) sites.  The more you build up links you can go all the way to the top and be a PR10, but that’s not likely.  Google is a PR10 site, Amazon is a PR9, Alexa is a PR8. is a rather popular site, wouldn’t you say?  I mean it was hot enough to sell for like $9 million not to long ago.  Well when it comes to authority, Google only gives it a PR3, so a link from their site would hold less weight than a link from which is a PR6.  And that in essence becomes the value of PageRank.

But keep in mind one vote isn’t equal to the next vote.  Two sites can have an equal number of votes and one is still better than the other.  Why?  Because of PageRank.  If a PageRank 5 (or PR5) site links to a site that “vote” is far more important to Google than if a site that is PR2 links to a site.  That vote counts, but not as much as the vote from the PR5 site.

PageRank is a complicated system that simply says in the eyes of Google you are an authority on your relevant subject matter.

What people say is don’t worry about PageRank and instead worry about what builds pagerank and that is getting people to link to your site.  The more people that link to your site, the more important your site becomes to search engines but you can always keep in mind, quality links matter and that is where PageRank really comes into play.  I would love a link to my site from a PR6 site.  People can say pagerank doesn’t matter all they want, but trust me, I’ll take that PR6 link any day.  That one link is very valuable in terms of SEO.



I was curious to see what some other adult news sites ranked some I looked them up- PR 5  PR 5 PR 4  PR 4 PR 5 PR 4  PR 4 PR 4

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