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LIB Responds to legal threat and Colonel Rob

Hi Colonel Rob,
It’s nice to meet you. You seem like a nice guy. I cleaned up your e-mail and posted it on my site without your sig or e-mail. This should clear the air. The poster on LIB using “The Colonel” has been writing comments under that name for over a year. (I have run the site for only the last 2 months, God it seems like 2 years)

The fact that it just came to your attention today should tell you that people don’t think it is you. If they did you would have certainly heard about it before now. So my advice is don’t worry about it.

Also I got an e-mail from someone describing himself as your friend (XXXX) threatening me with possible legal action if I allow “The Colonel” to continue posting under that name. I don’t take to threats well. Especially really lame ones. I have a legal background and thinking that anyone could sue me for allowing someone to use the name “The Colonel” is laughable.

I’m sure Mr KFC (The Colonel)  is rolling over in his grave.

Take Care!

NL  (Not Luke)

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