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LIB site update this weekend- advertisers

I am going to be updating LIB this weekend. I have some new ads to put up. I have some text links to put up, to take down.

If you want to put your boxcover, or text link on LIB send me an e-mail and we’ll talk about it. It’s not expensive. But I only have advertisers that I believe in, and movies that I would want to watch. I guess you can say that if you are advertised on LIB, you have my seal of approval because I’m picky.

If you look at some other sites you will see a ton of blinking ads, and press releases, I have no problem with them doing that, it just isn’t me. What I write about, what I put up, has to be something that I think is cool and worthy of the placement, and something that i would talk about anyway.

I actually think I suck at selling advertising. Because so many people have sent me e-mails and said I want to buy an ad on your site, and I wrote back, naw, I’m just not that into you. lol

I know that LIB is supposed to break even, it’s supposed to pay it’s own bills. I’m working  on it, slowly. And I am sure that it will eventually. Right now it is a labor of love, and the reason it doesn’t pay for itself is because of me. If I took everyone that wanted to send me money and put up an ad, well, the site would be in the black.

But I guess, I love this site too much to have a blinking and flashing poltergist with gossip in between.

I know, but to me, the news and gossip comes first. And if you want to place an ad, it better be good, lol. Drop me a note. I’ll let you know if you are  good enough.





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