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LIB Wins Award

NL- Thank you BSR!


Welcome to the 1st annual Blue Screw Review Awards. After a year of watching the best the industry has to offer we thought we would be the one group to hand out awards before the holiday rush, making sure you can grab the hottest product before Santa snags them all.

We tried calculating the combined number of hours the loose group of BSR reviewers logged watching the filth in 2011, but that became one of those crazy math questions that only scientists can figure out and we’d rather watch porn than press numbers into calculators or computers. It was a lot. For the awards process, we met in complete secrecy, sometimes in person, sometimes on Skype, in secret chatrooms, sometimes in coffee shops and twice in Ralph’s parking lots. Anyplace, anytime and anyhow to avoid the undue influence of those who would try to unduly influence a voter for an award. We needed complete purity.

There were a lot of close calls and a couple just had to come down to ties or blood was going to be spilled. We know that by the nature of these kinds of lists and accolades that the majority of the industry will be left out, and for that we apologize. There are so many people in this industry who deserve recognition that not even all the award shows with all their categories can begin to honor them all. But we did our best. For those whose names do not appear below, we will still be watching next year and wish you the best. For you lucky few, congratulations, you are a 2011 Blue Screw Award winner.

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