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LIberace’s Ex, Now at the Bunny Ranch

NL- He does LOOK like Liberace
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Bunny Ranch Springs Scott Thorson—Liberace’s Lover to Debut As Brothel’s Official Mascot And Male Madam
Liberace’s infamous ex-lover Scott Thorson was officially spared the threat of a 20-year prison sentence today after a Reno, Nevada criminal district court judge instead placed the troubled celeb on five years probation, and turned him over to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel ( for further “rehab.”
“I am proud to announce that Scott Thorson is now the official mascot and Madam of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch,” beamed Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof outside the courthouse with Thorson at his side moments after he was freed, “Scott has been through hell and back since being with Liberace, and this is the start of an exciting new chapter in his life,” joking, “And I know I don’t have to worry about Scott chasing any of the girls around!”
Thorson, 54, is the author of the book Behind The Candelabra: My Life With Liberace, a memoir detailing his six-year romantic and controversial relationship with the late entertainer which ended in 1982 with his filing a $113 million palimony lawsuit. The book was the basis for the recent smash-hit Steven Soderbergh-directed HBO movie Behind The Candelabra starring Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as Thorson. Ironically Thorson actually couldn’t see the movie when it premiered because he was incarcerated.
Thorson, who has been plagued by drug, health and legal problems since his split with Liberace, was stuck in a Reno jail cell since February on burglary and ID-theft charges when he was “adopted” by Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof. Hof put up the $15,000 to bail Thorson out, and then bankrolled a high-priced legal team to win his freedom.
“Scott was taken advantage of as a teenager by Liberace, and all of his problems can be traced back to that,” says Hof . In fact it was the persistence of two of Hof ’s employees that brought the brothel baron (running legal 7 brothels throughout Nevada ) to Thorson’s rescue. Bunny Ranch manager Madam Suzette, and working girl Krissy Summers watched the HBO film, decided they wanted to help Thorson out, and asked Hof to step in. “He was abused at such a young age. He was victimized by Liberace It wasn’t fair,” says Summers, “I begged Dennis to do something for Scott, and I am so glad he did!”   
Once bailed-out Thorson was immediately pampered by the dozens of prostitutes at the Bunny Ranch, as they treated him to a complete beauty-makeover including $1,200 worth of botox injections and a personal trainer. The Bunny Ranch also arranged for Thorson to have regular drug counseling at a nearby clinic and obtain treatment by top specialists for colon cancer.
Thorson met the flamboyant Liberace for the first time in 1976 when he was only a 17 year-old foster child, and moved into the 57 year-old’s gaudy Las Vegas mansion a short time later. Smitten with the youth Liberace immediately hired Thorson to be part of his Las Vegas stage act—-Thorson would drive one of Liberace’s Rolls Royces onstage–and lavished him with unlimited presents, travel and money. Liberace also paid for plastic surgery to make Thorson look more like himself, operations which, according to Thorson, also led him to become addicted to a variety of pain-killing drugs. The pair reconciled shortly before Liberace’s death from an AIDS-related illness in 1987.
Thorson’s life took yet another bizarre turn years later in 1989 when he appeared as the star prosecution witness in the notorious quadruple Los Angeles drug-related murders known as the Wonderland killings. Thorson had witnessed the brutal beating of legendary porn star John Holmes—by thugs allegedly at the behest of powerful gangster/drug dealer Eddie Nash—which directly led to the grisly California slayings a few days later. Thorson was later placed in the federal witness protection program, and subsequently barely survived being shot five times when asassins broke into his hotel room in Jacksonville , Florida in a narco-killer rubout attempt.
Thorson has been interviewed about his life by Larry King, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show, The View, Howard Stern, and numerous other media since his emergence from jail—and is reportedly in talks for a reality-TV show as well as a new tell-all book tentatively titled Beyond the Candelabra.
But for the moment, all Thorson is thinking about is his newfound freedom and second-chance at life thanks to a group of golden-hearted hookers and their equally generous boss. “I feel truly blessed to have met Dennis and the girls at the Bunny Ranch,” said a teary-eyed and obviously relieved Thorson after the court hearing. “I’ve been given a second chance that I am going to make the most of.”
“He can stay at the Bunny Ranch forever,” says Hof , “Scott is family now.”

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