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LIB’s CHAT ROOM Has Arrived!



We did a beta test with the chat room a couple weeks ago to find all the bugs. Hopefully we have found most of them and fixed them.

Our first official chat will be  this Thursday evening 10-12 EST   7pm-9pm PST.

Come to LIB and there will be a link you can click on to come to the chat room. I will put it up about 10 minutes before the chat officially starts.

There will also be some rules posted. For the first couple chats we will play it by ear, but I will kick people out if they are down right rude, or name calling. The object is to have people WANT to come and chat to share their opinions and enjoy themselves.

And even better is to have a bunch of industry folks including porn stars stopping by. I have lots of famous friends that wouldn’t mind coming in to  hang out and have some laughs, but we have to treat them respectfully. ( that doesn’t mean ass kissing) just treating them kindly and remembering that we are all real people who should be nice to each other. Sometimes that gets forgotten by us computer keyboard warriors.

So civilty is the name of the game. Until we see how this goes, if you ‘re not sure if something is okay to do, don’t do it. Go out of your way to be kind, it might feel a little unnatural at first, lol, but just give it a try.

as we all get to know each other, we might find we actually LIKE each other ( doubtful but possible) but also once we know each other, we’ll be more tolerable to each other and some of the shyness will wear off.

So put up with what ever I establish as the rules for the first night, and I”ll be happy to hear your thoughts and recommendations for changes via comments or email the next day.

There is going to be a support button on the room in case anyone wants to  contribute to the cost of the chat room and the site. I”m sure you guys know how much work I put into  LIB, and I still have a big loan to pay back from buying it. some day I might even be able to get a paycheck out of this thing, lol, ;yeah, i know i’m dreaming….

See you, or hear you, or I guess READ you on Thursday. I’m looking forward to it…..



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