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Lilly Bell Takes Center Stage in Ricky Greenwood’s Sensational ‘Climax #3’ for Dorcel

Lilly Bell

Dorcel, the leading European pioneer in adult entertainment depicting inclusive, respectful, and responsible sexuality, is pleased to announce the U.S. release of Climax #3. Featuring Lilly Bell, this mesmerizing production co-stars Maya Woulfe, Kira Noir, Alexia Anders, Alexis Tae, Isiah Maxwell, Alex Jones, and Nathan Bronson. Directed by Ricky Greenwood, this all-new production is now available domestically on DVD in the U.S. exclusively through Pulse Distribution. Notably, Bell, Noir, and Woulfe will soon grace the screen in Ricky Greenwood’s highly-anticipated Dorcel blockbuster More.

Greenwood’s scenario begins amidst the grandeur of a hillside villa, as an unwavering resolve propels a couple along a sweeping staircase. Within this narrative, the figures of Lilly and Alex emerge, their shared journey through time finding its resonance in the present moment – the radiant blonde’s birthday. Beneath this veneer of beauty and elegance, a clandestine event unfolds, masterminded by the couple’s friends, bearing the promise of indelibly sensual memories. Lilly stands at the crossroads of emotions – a fusion of heightened anticipation and subtle desire.

In this cinematic tableau, the stage is set for an exploration of romantic intrigue and sensual revelations, as two souls navigate the labyrinthine corridors of affection and eroticism, blurring the lines between ardor and abandon.

“Ricky Greenwood has curated a cinematic language of his own,” remarked Daniel Metcalf, Dorcel’s U.S. Publicist. “Within his filmography, one finds a collection of movies that exalt life, embrace inclusivity, and celebrate sexuality in all its breathtaking and wondrous forms. In Climax #3, Ricky showcases several actresses from his upcoming blockbuster More, including Lilly Bell, Kira Noir, and Maya Woulfe, which is scheduled for imminent release by Dorcel. Symbolism, deliberate lighting, and characters transcending societal stereotypes stand as hallmark features of Climax #3, More, and the entirety of Ricky’s remarkable filmography.”

The major European innovator in sensual entertainment through VOD services, concept stores, virtual reality, and podcasts, Dorcel is at the forefront of technology in the service of pleasure.

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