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Lisa Ann Cashes In at Republican Convention

Porn superstar Lisa Ann made headlines four years ago when she stared as Republican Vice President nominee Sarah Palin in Hustler’s “Who’s Nailin Paylin.”  Well it seems like she is still milking the resemblance. Lisa Ann is in Tampa for the Republican National Convention and she’s there on business.  Lisa Ann is booked at strip clubs doing fake press conferences playing her famous 2008 character and dudes are lined up to see her.

Lisa Ann wrapped in an American Flag

Lisa Ann is fucking hot and cashing in on the GOP Convention

Tampa is expecting tens of thousands of Republican supporters and local clubs like The Dollhouse are seeing green with the bump in business this week. Club owners say that their regular strippers are going to make at least an extra $1000 a night, and even more when Lisa Ann is in the house.  But wait, you’re telling me Republicans are against gay marriage and don’t approve abortion even for victims, but are probably going to spend thousands watching Lisa Ann impersonate their sexy dolt of a former governor?  Just goes to show you that everyone loves porn.

Here’s some Lisa Ann for you.

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