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Lisa Ann Doesn’t Understand Why NO ONE Likes Her

TRPWL has been around for almost 8 years, and in those 8 years, one thing I’ve learned is everyone hates Lisa Ann. Well not everyone, but almost everyone.  The only one who cant see it is Lisa Ann..

Lisa Ann talks about all she’s done for porn.. What about what Porn has done for her??  If it wasn’t for porn, she wouldn’t be getting such a high feature and private rate.. By private I mean lunch dates, after all, escorting isn’t legal.. ?

Maybe by all she’s does for porn she means snitching certain people out to reporters, making up lies about agents, talking to law enforcement, and generally putting herself in front of the business thats made her a very wealthy women..

When people call Lisa Ann a cunt, no one says anything because its 100% true..Lisa Ann is the de-facto Queen of cunts

Irony, Lisa Ann complaining about bullying, while asking her 1.2 million followers to basically harass AVN, XBIZ, and Jules

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